April 2013 - Simply Samantha
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Nightly Thoughts

8:00 AM

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At 11:30pm I should be thinking about the math test I need to study for or the color paint I want to paint our house with.
But no.
I'm thinking about what it means to be "classy" and other major thought provoking questions.
Way to go Samantha...
I'm probably not the only one out there right?? Who's just lying in bed, about to fall asleep, when the most complex thought come into you're brain
And then that leads me to scribbling down in my journal when I should be sleeping.
Which then leads me to being sleepy the next morning, followed by tiredness and lazyness.
(hence why your getting mirror photos, cause i was too lazy to set up my tripod)
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Shoes: Kino's from Key West // Jeans: SO by Kohls // Shirt: HandM 

daily outfit


8:00 AM

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Top:Target // Jeans:SO from Kohls // Shoes: Payless

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Growing up I was not the typical "pink" girl. 
I thought pink was iky.
It wasn't till  my junior year of high school that I was like
"Pink isn't that bad"
I wont go so far as to say pink is my FAVORITE color (im more of a blue girl), but its a close second.
Pink is slowly growing in my closet. From my own purchases to those purchased by a certain special person who really like me in pink ( cough cough steve cough cough). 
Now every time I  see something pink I think my expression is something like this 

I'll keep you updated on my growing pink obsession.
Till next time readers! 

daily outfit


8:00 AM


The start of my weekend was nothing shore of excitement. The bad kind.

Long story short. Ended up in the ER with server stomach pains.
Turns out nothing too serious. Thank God.
It was just a lot of things mixed together that sent my body into a tissy.

But the good news is I'm ok and at home. My body's still in recovering mode. I have minuets im perfectly fine and other I feel like my stomach is going to explode.

but enough sad stuff..
look at my cute outfit!

 photo IMG_7076_zpsd597d7bb.jpg
Top: Target // Shorts: Cotton On // Shoes: Payless
(BTW. I haven no idea why my photo looks so pixley. Sorry!)

just me


8:00 AM

So I was hoping to put up more post(s) this week.

Then you know. 
And its not like I didn't want to blog.
I have this thing... its called anxiety. And its really a pain in the arse.
 (yes, i just said a** with a Irish accent. I'm Irish by heritage so its ok)
Sometimes it is easy to nip in the bud and sometimes I feel like this mentally

(thanks Nick Miller, for being the realest person on television) 

And its snowballs until I can find something to distract my brain from the overload. Which is usually a book or my journal.
Its not like I ask to have anxiety attacks, just like I didn't ask that creepy guy at school to follow me to the parking lot only to all of a sudden go a TOTALLY different direction smoking is cigarette.

But its a part of life. And I'll get through it, one day at a time.
Phil 4:13

One of my friend posted this article this guy wrote about having panic attacks and working in church ministry. I was really moved by what he wrote. Though, my PA's and anxiety isn't as bad and sever as his. I feel his frustration. To see what I'm talking about click here -


Darkness Shows the Stars

8:00 AM

Book Review:

In the dystopian future of For Darkness Shows the Stars, a genetic experiment has devastated humanity. In the aftermath, a new class system placed anti-technology Luddites in absolute power over vast estates—and any survivors living there.
Elliot North is a dutiful Luddite and a dutiful daughter who runs her father’s estate. When the boy she loved, Kai, a servant, asked her to run away with him four years ago, she refused, although it broke her heart.
Now Kai is back. And while Elliot longs for a second chance with her first love, she knows it could mean betraying everything she’s been raised to believe is right.
But Elliot soon discovers her old friend carries a secret--one that could change their society . . . or bring it to its knees. And again, she's faced with a choice: cling to what she's been raised to believe, or cast her lot with the only boy she's ever loved, even if she's lost him forever.

Inspired by Jane Austen's PersuasionFor Darkness Shows the Stars is a breathtaking romance about opening your mind to the future and your heart to the one person you know can break it.

My Review
Took me long enough to review this book didnt it??? 
I think so too. 
And I apologize.
BUT just because I took so long to write a review doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it :) 
Actually, i more then enjoyed it. It was amazing!
I've been a wuss and have read every Jane Austen novel EXCEPT Persuasion, so I was really curious to read this novel and see how it compared 

(I lied a little, I have read at least a couple chapters of Persuasion, so i know the gist of it and what it is about).

This is a great adaptation or inspired version of Persuasion. Diana writes with such fluidity and grace, its a beautiful read. The story line and plot is mind grabbing and exciting and the characters are interesting and creative.
I HIGHLY recommend you add this book to your "to read's" shelf! 

 photo SSbooks_zps57ac2ec9.jpg

catching fire


8:00 AM

Ilene, I''m stealing your idea.
Well not stealing cause I'm giving you props for coming up with a great series of post that I want to blog as well.
INSPIRED by Much Lovy Ily. Here is


  • praying and thinking about all those in Boston. I can't even imagine
  • applying for jobs. Job hunting is hard and not so fun...
  • Thinking its crazy that school will be over in 3 weeks.
  • Crashing. Like body crashing. or blood sugar crashing. 
  • Waiting patiently for 4 books to come in at the library for me. : Requiem, Scarlet, Eleanor and Park, Clockwork Princess.
  • Fangirling over the new "Catching Fire" trailer. I mean. Come on. November better come fast! 


Accomplished 4/6-4/12

10:54 AM

I accomplished nothing.

Well.. To be honest. Not nothing.
I did get some much needed homework done and I did accomplish some much needed me and Steve time this week as well.

But. It was just one of those crazy weeks. ANND one of those crazy weeks I forgot to blog :o!

Next week! I chose to be better!


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Letter to momma

8:00 AM

Hi Momma!

I'm saving a tree in your name and am writing you a birthday card/letter via blogger. Hope thats ok ;)?

Shopping for you this year was hard. Cause you have done so much for me these past few months, buying a gift for you just seemed to insignificant.
This last year, I think, was the hardest for you as a mom when it comes to me, for good reasons and bad.
I spent about 4 months last summer being someone I wasn't and acting like someone I never wanted to be, and you had to watch me go through that, knowing that there was really nothing you could do but pray and hope I would realize how stupid  I was acting.
Well, your prayers were answered and I finally realized how stupid and oblivious I was for putting my heart into something that obviously wasn't where it needed to be.
And you never told me, "I told you so", when I finally broke down that October day, you where there to tell me it would be ok and God had something/someone greater for me.
And He did.
And that someone pop'd up on the facebook chat the very next day and called me a stalker ;) .

Like i said, this year was hard for you but not all for bad reasons. Within the past 5 months you've gotten to see your little girl find the man God had planned for her. And the relationship was so easy because it was so right (like you told me so many times before). And that was hard, I can only imagine, watching your little girl all of a sudden "grow up".
I thank God everyday for the support you and dad gave me through this entire relationship with Steve. And also for the continuing support as well.

I can't tell you how many times I've had friends tell me how cool you are. Especially the ones you've "adopted" into our family.

I respect you so much. I am blessed that you were not only my mom but teacher, doctor, personal driver, encourage'r, therapist, and best friend.

Love you to bits and I hope your birthday is amazing!



Nerd Suprise

8:00 AM

I like surprises. Surprises are fun.

Especially nerdy surprises.

So my great, amazing wonderful fiance` ( I told him I'd say that but i have no problem doing so cause its true), surprised me on our "date day" for the month.
We were in desperate need of it since we've spent the last couple weeks working on the house or busy with life.

All I knew was that we were going to the mall and IKEA and "someplace" before that.

That "someplace" was the local science museum in O'Town. Which had a..
Star Wars exhibit.

 photo IMG_1483_zpseaf4ad84.jpg

Yes. I am one of those.

An "inner nerd" as I call it.

Don't judge! I like my Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

 photo IMG_1481_zpsccfdbe0b.jpg

It was so cool! And it was quite a surprise. I smiled the entire time.

 photo IMG_1482_zps04b533cf.jpg

That's why my fiance` is so awesome. He pays attention to the little details of my personality. Like my "inner nerd". He was so excited to take me to the exhibit and I think he enjoyed watching me nerd out more then the actual exhibit.

Speaking of surprises. I have one for you readers! But you are going to have to wait a couple of days :)


Accomplishments (4/1-4/5)

11:23 AM

  • Test and Quizzes - Conquered a quiz and a test this week at school. I did much better on one them then the other. Guess what subject the "other" was (..phhhh...mathhhh...pshhh) 
  •  Applied for numerous jobs - Job hunting is so much fun - said no one ever - 
  • Finished Unravel Me ANDDDD For Darkness Shows the Stars - Reviews for these will be up VERY soon! But i can tell you I totally recommend them!! 
  • Squealed over the new "Catching Fire" teaser tease - I know I'm not the only one!

  • Helped my man move into his house (its kind of mine too but not till November ;)  - It was truly an exciting moment in our relationship. There is NOTHING more comforting then knowing you future husband is just right down the road (literally, i can walk to the house). Oh and its a somewhat of a small fixer upper... so that's fun ;p 

daily outfit


8:00 AM

 photo Collage2_zpsea5146b1.jpg
If you're like me. You're excited for short season yet you hate the statements that come with it like.
"Dang my legs are pale"
"I need to tone these babies.

Thankfully I just found some great workout videos that I'm LOVING from XFitDaily's youtube channel!
I worked up quiet a sweat PLUS my bums sore so that's a good sign ;)

My favorites are-

~Carrie Underwood Legs Workout~
How to get Legs like Carrie Underwood: Carrie Underwood Workout Routine | Totally Love It | Bodybuilding & Fitness | Scoop.it

~Natalie Portman Ballet Workout~

Let me know if you have any favorites! I love to mix up my routine!



8:00 AM

Florida's weird.
I've lived here 9 years, yet its still weird to me.
Like at the end of March, it should be beautiful and sunny and within the range of 75 to 85 degrees.
But no.
Last week for 2 days. It decided to be 60 degrees and windy.

Which, as weird as it is for me, I was fairly happy about it cause I got to raid moms closet and wear items from her closet that she recently bought that I was afraid I wasn't going to get to steal... OH I meant "borrow"... till next fall.

oh and my room was still messy so, MORE MIRROR SHOTS...

 photo IMG_6988_zps7f427032.jpg
 photo IMG_6989_zpse92074b5.jpg
Pants// SO by Kohls : Top//moms - HandM : Boots// moms



12:00 AM

 photo IMG_6979_zps3a97c8c9.jpg

My name is Jaxson,
Also known as king of the futon.
I recently learned that "mini mom" doesn't like when I jump up on her bed.

Well, from what I can assume, all i hear is "down jaxson!" and snapping of her fingers.
I don't know why she keeps telling me "down" when I am down, I am down on the bed.

So. As to appease "mini mom" I know take residence upon a lumpy but comfy, couch type bed. Sometimes I have to share it with "tall man" sometimes when he comes over to visit. But it will do.

If you are every looking for me, you can find me here.

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