Nerd Suprise

8:00 AM

I like surprises. Surprises are fun.

Especially nerdy surprises.

So my great, amazing wonderful fiance` ( I told him I'd say that but i have no problem doing so cause its true), surprised me on our "date day" for the month.
We were in desperate need of it since we've spent the last couple weeks working on the house or busy with life.

All I knew was that we were going to the mall and IKEA and "someplace" before that.

That "someplace" was the local science museum in O'Town. Which had a..
Star Wars exhibit.

 photo IMG_1483_zpseaf4ad84.jpg

Yes. I am one of those.

An "inner nerd" as I call it.

Don't judge! I like my Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

 photo IMG_1481_zpsccfdbe0b.jpg

It was so cool! And it was quite a surprise. I smiled the entire time.

 photo IMG_1482_zps04b533cf.jpg

That's why my fiance` is so awesome. He pays attention to the little details of my personality. Like my "inner nerd". He was so excited to take me to the exhibit and I think he enjoyed watching me nerd out more then the actual exhibit.

Speaking of surprises. I have one for you readers! But you are going to have to wait a couple of days :)


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