Letter to momma

8:00 AM

Hi Momma!

I'm saving a tree in your name and am writing you a birthday card/letter via blogger. Hope thats ok ;)?

Shopping for you this year was hard. Cause you have done so much for me these past few months, buying a gift for you just seemed to insignificant.
This last year, I think, was the hardest for you as a mom when it comes to me, for good reasons and bad.
I spent about 4 months last summer being someone I wasn't and acting like someone I never wanted to be, and you had to watch me go through that, knowing that there was really nothing you could do but pray and hope I would realize how stupid  I was acting.
Well, your prayers were answered and I finally realized how stupid and oblivious I was for putting my heart into something that obviously wasn't where it needed to be.
And you never told me, "I told you so", when I finally broke down that October day, you where there to tell me it would be ok and God had something/someone greater for me.
And He did.
And that someone pop'd up on the facebook chat the very next day and called me a stalker ;) .

Like i said, this year was hard for you but not all for bad reasons. Within the past 5 months you've gotten to see your little girl find the man God had planned for her. And the relationship was so easy because it was so right (like you told me so many times before). And that was hard, I can only imagine, watching your little girl all of a sudden "grow up".
I thank God everyday for the support you and dad gave me through this entire relationship with Steve. And also for the continuing support as well.

I can't tell you how many times I've had friends tell me how cool you are. Especially the ones you've "adopted" into our family.

I respect you so much. I am blessed that you were not only my mom but teacher, doctor, personal driver, encourage'r, therapist, and best friend.

Love you to bits and I hope your birthday is amazing!



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