8:00 AM

Ilene, I''m stealing your idea.
Well not stealing cause I'm giving you props for coming up with a great series of post that I want to blog as well.
INSPIRED by Much Lovy Ily. Here is


  • praying and thinking about all those in Boston. I can't even imagine
  • applying for jobs. Job hunting is hard and not so fun...
  • Thinking its crazy that school will be over in 3 weeks.
  • Crashing. Like body crashing. or blood sugar crashing. 
  • Waiting patiently for 4 books to come in at the library for me. : Requiem, Scarlet, Eleanor and Park, Clockwork Princess.
  • Fangirling over the new "Catching Fire" trailer. I mean. Come on. November better come fast! 


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