8:00 AM

So I was hoping to put up more post(s) this week.

Then you know. 
And its not like I didn't want to blog.
I have this thing... its called anxiety. And its really a pain in the arse.
 (yes, i just said a** with a Irish accent. I'm Irish by heritage so its ok)
Sometimes it is easy to nip in the bud and sometimes I feel like this mentally

(thanks Nick Miller, for being the realest person on television) 

And its snowballs until I can find something to distract my brain from the overload. Which is usually a book or my journal.
Its not like I ask to have anxiety attacks, just like I didn't ask that creepy guy at school to follow me to the parking lot only to all of a sudden go a TOTALLY different direction smoking is cigarette.

But its a part of life. And I'll get through it, one day at a time.
Phil 4:13

One of my friend posted this article this guy wrote about having panic attacks and working in church ministry. I was really moved by what he wrote. Though, my PA's and anxiety isn't as bad and sever as his. I feel his frustration. To see what I'm talking about click here -


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