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Aroma Foundry Review
Watch the video for my review of the oils they sent me along with what I used them for!
I wanted to make sure I accurately talked about Aroma Foundry which is why I waited to share their information here in typed out words. Because like I said in the video, I type better then I talk.. most of the time.. ;)

About Aroma Foundry (from their website)

Aroma Foundry was created to bring the scents of the world into your home and end any debate over what each essential oil varietal should smell like. By focusing on sourcing NATIVE OILS, we eliminate questions of whether each scent smells like it should. We source oils where they are first known to have appeared, therefore they represent the true essence of the plant ingredient. We do not source from China and India, where it's hard to verify the question and supply chain of the ingredients. Much of our collection of high-end oils was grown in USA and acquired at a premium price. We do not pass on this cost to the consumer. Our sourcing, warehouse, and supply chain efficiency experience to sell high-end oils at prices competitive with the low-to-medium end of the market. 

Aroma Foundry Review I love their oils. They are reasonable priced and I found many of the scents were stronger and better then ones I had in my essential oil cabinet already.

Want to try them out for yourself! Enter below for $25 gift certificate to their website so you can pick some out on your own!


 Dairy Free Alfredo - No Nuts of Cauliflower
I'm a firm believer in "dairy in moderation". Granted this is not applicable if you have an tolerance or allergy to dairy.
But for those like myself that can have dairy, I'm a firm believer that dairy is great, in moderation.

This recipe is one of those moderation recipes. The ravioli, from La Pasta, is gluten free but not dairy free. I didn't want to overdue the dairy since I planned on eating the entire package during my Nashville binge session (my heart is still recovering from the finale).
Dairy Free Alfredo Sauce- No Nut's or Cauliflower
So, I decided to use the package of Daiya cheese I had leftover from pizza the night before to make a new alfredo sauce. Many of you know I've made an alfredo sauce in the past with Cauliflower, which is still good, but I almost think this one is better!
Dairy Free Alfredo - No nuts or Cauliflower

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Dairy Free Alfredo - No Nuts or Cauliflower
An easy and simple recipe made with Daiya cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons Earth Balance Spred
  • 1 clove, minced Garlic
  • to taste pepper
  • 1/2 a package Daiya Mozzarella Shreds
  • 3/4 cup   Silk Almond Milk
Melt the butter with minced garlic and a some pepper (to your taste)
Add your almond milk and let it heat up for a couple minutes. Then add your Daiya cheese shreds and whisk. It will be watery but it will thicken, just keep stirring.  Once thickened turn the heat down just so sauce bubbles for a few minutes. Take it off the stove and serve!
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1ish cup

Look at me moving up in the world and getting a recipe plugin so you can print the recipe!
 I finally found one that works for blogger. Praise Him!
Also I never really measured the sauce. I assume it makes about 1ish cups. It may make more. It was enough to cover my ravioli though!

A recipe post!? Say it ain't so!
Yes friends, I am back with a recipe post. My spring semester is over with a summer class just beginning. A week ago I managed to whip up this great little recipe and knew I had to share it with you. It's a simple and filling recipe that will make you sad when there are no leftovers.
Sticky Garlic Noodles - Gluten Free and Vegan
Serving: about 2-4 
  • 16 oz of gluten-free noodles. I personally love the texture of White Rice noodles from Tinkyada
  • 6 tablespoons of Earth Balance Butter
  • Green onions
  • 3 diced garlic cloves
  • 4 tablespoons of brown sugar (or coconut sugar if you have that, I've used both and don't see the difference so either will work)
  • 4 tablespoons of a gluten free soy sauce
Sticky Garlic Noodles - Gluten Free and Vegan

  • Cook noodles according to directions. Just be careful not to make them too early as they tend to clump.
  • In a sauce pan (or a wok), melt the butter.
  • Add the green onions and cook till fragrant
  • Next, stir in the sugar and keep siring till dissolved.
  • Then add in the soy sauce and mix all together.
  • Toss in the noodles and mix till sauce covers the noodles.
  • Top with your favorite protein or veggies. My personal favorite is marinated cooked tofu with broccoli.
  • If you are curious I throw some soy sauce, brown sugar, and sriracha in a bowl with my tofu in the morning and let it marinate all day. Its super tasty!

     Sticky Garlic Noodles Gluten Free and Vegan

    The Whole You with PrAna and StonyField
    If you head over to my instagram, you can see I've been doing a bit of traveling. And while I'm sitting here in the airport as I type this, I figured it was about time to reflect on the trip and how it has effected me.
    My husband and I are very relaxed travelers. We don't like to rush to then next stop if we don't have too. We like to slow down and see the sites not everyone is seeing, and we avoid tourist traps at all cost. This helps us stay present on our trips. There was one instance this trip where we went to see a very famous natural site.. and so did every one else on the island. While the site was beautiful, I didn't feel like I could enjoy it or be present because there were so many distractions, people, and noise.
    Sometimes it's good to take it slow, enjoy the life, be present, even in a place where you've never been. You never know what you might miss if you don't weed out those distractions.
    It can be as simple as taking a small break during a busy work day to go outside and enjoy a nice snack (like a bowl of Stonyfield Grassfed Yogurt ;) ).
    I know for me, the place where I find less distractions and be the whole me, is at home with my pup, bed hair and no makeup, in a comfy dress, with the windows open.
     The Whole You with PrAna and StonyField
    By the way, I love this Amelie Dress from PrAna! Its light, airy, and can pair it with a nice jean jacket! If you want to grab one for yourself you can use WHOLES17SRS to get $15 off your order!

    as a part of the StonyField clean plate blogger program, I was given products in this post in exchange for a post. Opinions are 100% my own.

    Friends, the end of semester is upon me. The recipe posts have come to a halt. All my energy has been poured into final studying, project creating, and graphic designing. And boy can I feel it.

    I knew it was coming two weeks ago when a head cold invaded my body and it has stuck around. My stress level has been high and my immune level has been low.

    I have been thinking of some things I've been doing to help keep my sanity andI thought I would share them with you today!

     photo 5 WAYS_zpsvhqvbsh5.png

    1. Keep that immune system up

    -now I'm not saying eat ALL THE HEALTHY THINGS. Trust me, the chick fil a milkshake and french fries I ate last night does not support this tip. But find the little things that help keep your immune system up. Maybe its a smoothie, or for me, its supplements like Elderberry that I take daily during crazy stressful times. 

    2. Cry

    Sometimes you just need to cry it out. I'm HORRIBLE at this. I like to think I can keep it all in then one day a straw breaks my camels back and I'm done and I let it all out. Bless my husband because those are not his favorite days

    3. Plan it out

    Space out the work. Granted this only works if you are like me and feel like you work better over time then all at once. But if you have multiple things due, spread that work out, even if it's doing little bit every day, it will help your sanity.

    4. Find the time to relax

    Planning it out will help you find more time to relax. I like to plan most of my work/school work for the morning, so in the afternoon I can focus on easier work. Then, by the time the evening comes I have time to relax, watch TV, and spend time with the husband of pup.

    5. Don't be the last minute perfectionist

    I do this all the time. You know, when you look at the grading rubric and you compare it to your work to make sure it's perfect. I've given myself so many anxiety attacks this way. It is good to make sure it is meeting requirements, but find that line and don't drive yourself crazy trying to perfect the assignments.

    Good Luck to all my other fellow college students finishing up their semesters!! 

    disclosure - I was sent these jars in exchange for a review. Opinions are 100% my own. 
    Should You Buy Infinity Jars
    If you've been keeping up with me this past year, you know I've been striving to replace a lot of my kitchen storage containers in general to glass! So I'm always looking for new and interesting glasses and jars to store my daily items.

    Infinity jars are definitely a different type of storage container. In a completely good way!
    Infinity Jars are created to be UV resistant with light filtering aspects. Whatever you chose to store in these jars, they will be preserved and rejuvenated for freshness. They use only the best premium imported European glass. They've done multiple test to show that their jars out performed amber and clear glass.

    The jars I have..
    Should you buy infinity jars?

    Square Glass Bottle with Oil Spout
    -I got this to store my Olive Oil because I keep my EVOO on the counter by the stove so it's in reach when I cook. Its the perfect size for a decent size bottle of EVOO.

    Should You Buy Infinity Jars?

    15ml Glass Pump Pump Bottle
    - I'm putting my daily moisturizer in this little push glass bottle so it's not sitting in a plastic container.

    Should You Buy Infinity Jars
    2 x 15ml Pocket Glass Jar
    - These little beauties are perfect for keeping salt in. I also keep this out in the open by my stove for easy access while I'm cooking!

    Should you use/get them!?

    In my personal opinion. Yes, if you keep some items out on your counter-tops that are exposed to light. For instance, I keep EVOO on my counter in my kitchen which get's a lot of light during they day. EVOO can really be effected by the light, so these jars are perfect for that! I also buy local roasted coffee beans weekly and those have to be kept in a dark cool place and these jars would be perfect for that.
    I was thinking I would use the other ones for my personal care products, which I have put my moisturizer in the push pump, however, our bathroom has no windows or harsh light and I keep many of my person products in my cabinet so they don't really need to be protected from the light.

    Bottom line

    I think these jars are perfect for kitchen storage and keeping those perishables on your counters fresh and preserved.

    Check all of there products by clicking here! 
    They have some great deals and are not bad price wise! 

    I'm having a little bit of a writers block this week! I'm going to blame it on the cold that has invaded my system over the weekend. No fun.
    I did have a friend ask me the other day what are my favorite quick (less then 30 minute) meals that I like to make from week to week for dinner. And OH do I have some favorites. 
    I want to share them with you sweet friends! So here are a few of my favorite under 30 minute meals!
    Under 30 Minute Meals

    Dairy and Gluten Free Black Bean Taco Skillet
    Tacos are always a quick and easy meal to make but sometimes you gotta spice it up. My favorite way is with this Black Bean Taco Skillet.

     Veggie Stir Fry. Gluten Free and Organic
    This is a classic Simply Samantha recipe. If you have leftover rice or just prep some rice ahead of time, this recipe can EASILY be made under 20 minutes 

    Vegtarian, Gluten Free Pad Thai
    My next favorite easy and quick meal that is actually on the menu this week is my Pad Thai recipe. You can also add any leftover proteins (such as chicken) to this meal and make it even better.
    Or you can do what my husband likes to do and add ALL THE SRIRACHA to his Pad Thai.

    BBQ Sweet Potato Burgers
    Sweet Potato Burgers is my favorite meatless BBQ alternative. It takes just a matter of minutes to heat up with a few simple ingredients. You can even cater it to your taste by using YOUR favorite BBQ sauce.

    Tuna Burgers. Gluten Free.
    Deep in the Simply Samantha archives is this little beauty.  A family recipe that has continued to be a staple in my household with my husband.

    Obviously I have more amazing meals that are quick and simple. Just head over to my Pinterest page to see them!

    Also, I try my best to make sure I share my recipes on my social media on the days they are on the menu in my house! 
    So be sure to be following me on all my social media accounts! 
    Links to those are at the top of the page.

    Making the perfect gluten free lasagna is a struggle sometimes! Even my wonderful crock pot recipe is still tricky because GF noodles can be temperamental. 
    This recipe is definitely much easier, less temperamental, but still holds those lasagna flavors! 
    One Pot Lasagna Soup -Gluten Free and Vegan
    What You'll Need
    Olive Oil
    2 cups of vegetable broth
    14oz of Crushed Tomatoes
     14oz can of Diced Tomatoes
    1 medium diced onion
    1 tsp of dried oregano
    1 tsp of dried basil
    2 cups of spinach
    8 gluten free lasagna noodles
    3 cloves of garlic minced
    One Pot Lasagna Soup - Gluten Free + Vegan
    • In a large pot, saute onions in oil till translucent. Add garlic and mix till fragrant.
    • Then add in the oregano and basil and stir
    • Next, add in vegetable broth, crushed and diced tomatoes, and bring to a boil.
    • Once boiling, brake noodles and add to the pot
    •  Then add beyond beef crumbles and stir.
    • When you feel like noodles are starting to get tender (about 10 minutes), add in spinach and cook till wilted.
      • if you feel like your soup needs more liquid add more veggie broth
    • Once noodles are tender, serve in a bowl topped with cashew ricotta! (recipe here)
     One Pot Lasagna Soup - Gluten Free and Vegan

    I can hear my Irish ancestors rolling over in their grave when they hear me say that I forgot about St.Patricks day till about a week ago. Even then, I've still dragged my feet trying to decide what I'm going to make for St. Patty's dinner.

    I've come up with a few ideas that I'm going to share with y'all! 
    Hopefully these recipes get you in the St.Patricks Day mood!
    5 Last Minute Irish Meals for St Patty's Day
    Gluten-Free Ranch Potato Biscuits | Healthy Helper @Healthy_Helper A healthy take on a carb-filled favorite! Ranch-flavored, creamy tasting biscuits with the added softness of potatoes and the doughiness of gluten-free oat flour. The perfect addition to your holiday table or dinner menu for the week!
    Potatoes and Biscuits. Two of my favorite things!
    Kaila over at Healthy Helper blog has my heart with some of her unique recipes such as this one! Super simple and quick too!
    Want to be adventurous and try something traditionally Irish with a twist? 
    How about Jessica's Braised Red Cabbage and Apples with Maple and Tyme! It's almost to pretty to eat! 
    Colcannon - classic Irish dish:
    I think a traditional potato dish is calling my name! Some Colcannon is definitely on the menu for Friday night! 
    I love the simplicity of this recipe! I may make this on another night just 'cause'!

    photo property of blogger missinthekitchen
    Lastly everyone needs a good slow cooker recipe! I made this last year for St.Partricks Day. It was a hit with the husband!

    I hope these recipes inspired you!
    And I hope you have an amazing St. Patricks Day!

    I love companies that strive to be transparent and environmentally friendly! That's why I love Stonyfield and why I am very excited to help them announce that StonyField is B-Corp certified!
    Stonyfield and B-Corps 
    What does it mean to be B-corp certified and what it matters?
    "Certified B Corporations® are leaders of the global movement of People Using Business as a Force for Good™. Certified B Corporations® meet the highest standards of verified overall social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability, and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.
    You can find out more about B Corps™ at"

    Here is a lovely statement from Stonyfield about why they are excited to become B-Certified!
    "At Stonyfield, we think about the impact of everything we do—from what’s in the cup and how it’s made, to how it gets to you. We’ve been on a mission to create food that’s good for us, our kids and the environment all along. We don’t have all the answers, but we believe it’s important to take care of the world around us to make food that you can feel good about feeding your family.
    We are very proud to join forces with a thoughtful group of businesses around the world who believe they have a responsibility to others, to serve more than just shareholders and to create social value. The movement is global, and the benefits are local for everyone."

     Stonyfield B-Corp
    I don't know about you, but I love when I see more labels on more products! So seeing my favorite brands, such as Stonyfield (and the ones above!), sporting this new label that means so many great things is exciting to me as consumer! 

    as a part of the StonyField clean plate blogger program, I was given products in this post in exchange for a post. Opinions are 100% my own.