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My name is Samantha and welcome to my blog!

What is Simply Samantha!? 
Simply Samantha started out as just a fun little blog that I ran and used to interact with other bloggers. Around the time I started blogging I was having digestive and food intake issues. About a year after I started blogging and after many doctors appointments, Gluten Free living had to become a part of my life. 
In late 2013 I was getting married and also learning how to deal with living/eating in this new gluten-free lifestyle. That led to me creating gluten-free recipes that I wanted to share, and the start of that is what the blog has turned into today. 

What do you blog about?
Gluten free living isn't easy. It's easier then it used to be but sometimes finding recipes and ideas is hard. Trust me, I've spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest and the numerous recipes on there. 
My goal with this blog is to share recipes that are simple and easy to make for those living a gluten-free lifestyle. I've even started incorporating not only gluten free but also dairy free recipes. I've found most people that have issues with gluten also have to limit their dairy intake (like myself). 
I also like to share easy tips and tricks for healthy and Eco friendly living. Keeping a healthy and even Eco-friendly lifestyle can be difficult but the more people share their ideas the easier it gets.
Did I also mention I love food? Because I do. 

Who's the tall man on your Instagram? 
That would be my husband. We've been together since 2012 and married since 2013. He is my taste tester (even when it includes dairy-free cheese he doesn't like ;) ), my support system, and the inspiration for some of my recipes. I am a Maryland born Floridan and he is Florida born and raised. His love for southern food inspires me to create better and healthier recipes with a southern flare. 

And that adorable dog on your instastories? 
That's Bruno Quill Riley (Quill as in Peter Quill from GOTG... yes #nerdalert). He's our fur baby. Rhodesian built, with Shepard alertness, and Lab playfulness. He is my vegan cheese lover and personal vacuum cleaner in the kitchen. Unless it's green and leafy, he won't touch that.

You love Social Media too?
Oh Lordy yes! So much so I've personally concentrated my Telecommunication degree in social media management and marketing. If you want to learn more or need some help ( I offer SMM services) you can click here or the Social Media Management link above! 

You say you love food, what kind of food do you eat? 
I say my diet is 80/20 - 80% vegetarian/vegan/plant-based and 20% Meat (chicken or fish).
Here is my stance on meat - I am not against meat as long as they are humanely raised and fed properly (aka grass fed/organic/no hormones). I grew up on a farm and we raised meat cows so I know what it takes for them to be raised and raised correctly. I don't like the industrial aspect of the U.S meat industry so I just don't support it.
-I don't eat or cook pork ever. It is just a preference.
-I RARELY eat beef. Only at Christmas when we get a roast from our old local butcher do I eat beef (and usually not that much). I grew up eating from that butcher shop and know the cows come from the field behind it so I know they are treated well.
-When it comes to chicken I really try to buy organic, humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free chicken. Though my local grocery only has limited amounts of that so I usually can only get local antibiotic and hormone free. Which is better than nothing. But since that's all I can get we only eat it once a week at most.
-Any fish or shellfish I buy is wild caught. I never by farmed. It's usually Mahi Mahi, Tuna, or Salmon (on RARE occasions cause salmon is expensive wild caught)

I hope this gave you a little peek into who I am, how I eat, and why I blog. If you want some fun facts, head over to this blog post and see me answer some of your burning questions! - http://www.justsimplysamantha.com/2017/11/questions-and-answers.html

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