Accomplishments (4/1-4/5)

11:23 AM

  • Test and Quizzes - Conquered a quiz and a test this week at school. I did much better on one them then the other. Guess what subject the "other" was (..phhhh...mathhhh...pshhh) 
  •  Applied for numerous jobs - Job hunting is so much fun - said no one ever - 
  • Finished Unravel Me ANDDDD For Darkness Shows the Stars - Reviews for these will be up VERY soon! But i can tell you I totally recommend them!! 
  • Squealed over the new "Catching Fire" teaser tease - I know I'm not the only one!

  • Helped my man move into his house (its kind of mine too but not till November ;)  - It was truly an exciting moment in our relationship. There is NOTHING more comforting then knowing you future husband is just right down the road (literally, i can walk to the house). Oh and its a somewhat of a small fixer upper... so that's fun ;p 


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