Nightly Thoughts

8:00 AM

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At 11:30pm I should be thinking about the math test I need to study for or the color paint I want to paint our house with.
But no.
I'm thinking about what it means to be "classy" and other major thought provoking questions.
Way to go Samantha...
I'm probably not the only one out there right?? Who's just lying in bed, about to fall asleep, when the most complex thought come into you're brain
And then that leads me to scribbling down in my journal when I should be sleeping.
Which then leads me to being sleepy the next morning, followed by tiredness and lazyness.
(hence why your getting mirror photos, cause i was too lazy to set up my tripod)
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Shoes: Kino's from Key West // Jeans: SO by Kohls // Shirt: HandM 


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