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So Long, Farewell!

10:47 AM

I think I spelled farewell right...... lol

So I WAS going to do a fun friday favorites but I realized I didn't have time to do that. I still got make sure the bathrooms clean, bedrooms picked up, make-up and other necessities are together, car is somewhat clean, laundry needs to be kept going, snacks needed to be pre-pared, and by the time i finish blogging this i probably could have gotten 1 of these things done.

But I didn't want to leave you all in the fog.

I'm going to be absent for a week and a couple days. Not going to tell you were we are going, but i will tell you its full of friends,family, and wonderful memories ;) and its takes 14 hours (a all day drive) to get their.

If we get internet access I will try my best to blog a post for your all :D

TTFN. Ta Ta for Now!

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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty - Review

12:53 PM

Before I start my review. Here is a little bit about Juice Beauty~

Juice Beauty… Innovative organic beauty solutions masterminded by a California team passionate about organic and healthy lifestyles and whose organic products are backed by powerful science. It all started when Karen Behnke, serial wellness entrepreneur, who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country, developed a keen interest in personal care products upon becoming pregnant with her first child at the age of 40. She was astounded to learn that, although the skin absorbs over 60% of what is placed on it, there were very few available healthy personal care products that worked well.

Below in the video is my review for Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel.

Thanks SO MUCH to the ladies over at Juice Beauty who sent me the sample! I LOVED it and highly recommend it.

You can find more of Juice Beauties Green Apple Collection here



My Opinion

10:16 AM

If your like me and keep up with all sports news...

.....well you might not, I don't keep up with it as much as a guy would but i like to know whats going on in the sports world.

And so if you've been keep track of whats been going on in the NASCAR side of sports your probably wondering about my thoughts on the LATEST (yes its not the first) incident between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski in the NASCAR Nationwide Circuit.

Below is the incident that happened last weekend. You might want to watch it that way you'll know what I'm going to talk about below the video.

Let me first say that this year NASCAR told the drivers and teams that "all gloves were off" meaning as long as no one got badly injured NASCAR wasn't going to interfere or penalize when it comes to payback

In my opinion neither driver was in the wrong. Brad pushed Carl in the same way and Carl was able to hold his own. And when Carl pushed Brad, he couldn't control his car. Which in some situations your can't.

According to Nascar.com
"NASCAR announced Edwards would be docked 60 points in the Nationwide driver’s championship standings, fined $25,000 and placed on probation in all NASCAR series until Dec. 31. Keselowski was placed on probation in all NASCAR series until Dec. 31, but was not docked any driver points or issued any fine."

Now I understand that NASCAR felt it was fair to the other drivers to penalize them because other cars were involved in Brads wreck.

Maybe I'm biased. Carl is one of my favorite drivers. And I've met Brad before and I'm ok with him, but i'm not a fan of his driving. Carl had every right to push back. AND I don't think he should be penalized for doing what he had the right. In the NASCAR sport. To do.

In nascar. If you push. The other driver will push back. It might be hard or he might just "give you a doughnut" (which means he rubs his tire on the side of his car).

I think NASCAR needs to be clear on how far they are letting driver go when it comes to payback. Cause as a fan, I'm a little confused. I think they need to be more clear.

I think its ok for pay back in the sport if you know what your doing and only spin the driver out. I've seen NUMEROUS drives do it in the Nationwide and Sprint series.

Again this is my opinion. Nothing against NASCAR, nothing against the drivers and teams. I just felt like I needed to voice my opinion.

Part of my blog is writing about sports seeing that I want to enter communications in the sports industry one day. :)

So i hope you enjoy my sport posts and that they are not to boring for ya ;)

And IF this post is to boring for ya! Stay tuned cause tomorrow I'm gonna blog a fun Friday Favorite :D

Wordless Wednesday

10:28 AM


Sometimes I wish math could be this simple.

The other night I finished Alegbra 1!!! Wohoo. I feel so accomplished! But lets see if i feel the same after its been graded...LOL ;)

Tuesdays Thoughts

11:05 AM

So since my wonderful mommy (over at www.thenotsoperfecthousewife.com) blogged about what her ideas for the our road trip are. I thought I'd share mine :)

Music I will be listening to ranges from John Mayer to Kenny Chesney - Michael Buble to the Beatles.


I know for sure I'm bringing Star Trek and Pride and Prejudice for the trip. They are long and good to watch. And the men in the movies aren't that bad looking either ;)


As long as i don't get car sick...... I plan finishing up "Fearless" by Max Lucado.

Fearless Pictures, Images and Photos

And for this trip I plan on eating lots of chocolate or things that have chocolate in them.

chocolate. Pictures, Images and Photos

We aren't leaving for a couple days so stay tuned for some other posts :D I would also like to do another Q&A this week. So think of some questions and send them in! :)

The Winner.....

4:06 PM

And the winner of my giveaway is................................................


Congrats Kinsey from Arizona Vintage!
(since we r FB buddies you can inbox me your address and I'll get it out to you :) )

Thanks to all those who entered! And don't forget to check out all of www.jowoodsorganics.com has to offer :D

Sunday Sharing

2:43 PM

I wanted to share this really cool video with you guys this sunday!

If you didn't know I love the show "So You Think You Can Dance". And once of my favorite dancers this season is Robert. And if you watch the video below. You'll see why ;)

I also love this song by Coldplay and I loved the choreographer Travis Wall. So it just seemed like an AMAZING fit :)

Oh and i will announce the winner of my giveaway tomorrow :D

Oh and i plan on doing a Q&A sometime this week.:D I've already got 2 questions but they say anonymous. SO if you leave a question PLEASE leave your name. I will not answer it if it is left anonymous...

An Example

11:12 AM

I'm actually going to write a DEEP meaningful post today! ;) I hardly ever do and I thought today would be a nice day to write one.

So, do you remember 1 person (besides family and Christ of course) in your life that you feel has made some type of impact on your life? Someone that either made you feel special or helped you up when you were down?
Mine was from when I was a little tike.
Lets call him J.

Growing up my mom worked within the youth group so my sister and I had a lot of big "brothers and sisters" that watched out for us and that we looked up to. For me though J stood out among the rest.
I remember all the youth having a big pillow fight in our basement and so I thought a 6 year old could join too. Maneuvering myself though the sea of teens, feathers and silly stringed air I went and grabbed a pillow. Next thing i knew. J ran over, picked me up and ran me around on his shoulders so i could hit everyone from a decent hight. Then I got passed for teen to teen each letting me hit the last person who held me. But of course I ended back up with J who set me on the ground and looked at me and started laughing.

J and his brother were ALWAYS picking my sister and I up and would spin us around till we were horse from laughing.
J always made me feel special. Once we were at a skating rink and my friend and were clinging to the side of the wall as most 7 year olds do. Next thing we new J came between us, grabbed our hands and took us around the skating rink.

J has been with the Lord for almost 10 years now. But I still remember those simple things he did for me. He made a 6 year old feel so special that words cannot describe.

J is why have such a heart to work with kids within the church. I remember what's its like to watch the teenagers and how cool it feels when they talk and hang out with you!

Before I go I encourage guys and girls to remember they are a example to those young kids of His. We need to make sure we watch out for them. Make them feel special. Let them know how much God loves them through our actions. You never know how much of what you say and do for kids impacts their lives.
Just look at J and I. At 7 years old I thought J was the coolest "big brother" i could ever have that was not even related to me! What i didn't know was that after he left and I grew, that 10 years later, what he did as "a big brother" would make me want to work with kids in our church and be the cool "big sister" for them.

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. I'll pick a winner either tomorrow (friday) or Saturday :D

Q&A Vlog

4:54 PM

Wohoo! I finally did another Q&A. I'm so excited you guys love the Q&A vlogs. Keep the questions coming!

Also I forgot to mention. I have a facebook page for my blog! You can click on the facebook button on the right to get to it ;) So "like" it and suggest it to your friends and blog friends!



2:35 PM

I CAN'T believe its almost the middle of July already! June just seemed to FLY by, and July seems to be doing the same. Besides doing Math and a SAT prep class my summers been good! Filled with VBS,NASCAR races,tubbing on a lake , and movie watching.. which happens to be my personal favorite.

Thursday my friend and I spent all afternoon watching movies,playing Wii, and eating junk food. What a way to spend a day! Gosh, we are already planning on doing it next week. Its just fun to sit and chill out sometimes. Especially when your watching chick-flicks and eating chocolate :) And you burn off all the calories from the junk food laughing at each other too ;)

This summer I'm also starting to decorate my room a little bit more. With posters and photos. Though none of them have been mounted on the wall just yet. They are getting pre-pared to be put on the wall.


Hope your all having a great summer!

Oh and AGAIN I apologize for not doing a Q&A this week. I keep forgetting! I'll try to do one next week :)

And I plan on finishing up the Jo Woods Giveaway next week also so send in your entries :)


Organic Pet Boutique Review

2:19 PM


The wounderful people at OrganicPetBoutique.com sent me some sweet samples for my "little man" to try out and for me to review.

Needless to say he loved this review I had ;) The video below is Jaxson trying the yummy treats they sent us. I think he gives them 2 paws up. It would be 2 thumbs but he doesn't have any. I would give them 2 thumbs up though because they are ALL natural and very healthy for him and for any dog for that matter.


Oh and I'm sorry bought my mellow talking. I'm working on that ;) I keep forgetting when I review that i need to sound happy :) (which i am, i just don't sound it)

Now for the food. When Jaxson was a puppy he had skin issues ( he still does just not as bad). We tried to get him to eat healthy food but he refused. He would eat healthy treats but not healthy food. SO, it was no surprise when he didn't eat the food the wonderful people at Organic Pet Boutique sent us. However later on that night he did eventually eat it :)


I would GREATLY recommend this company for your dog needs! They are all organic and natural. I was astounded with the list of natural ingredients in the treats and food. I will deffentally by some more treats from them soon. Jaxson LOVED the chicken pot pie treats a ton. So come christmas I know whats gonna be in his stocking ;) shhhh. don't tell him ;)

Don't forget to enter my Jo Woods Organic Giveaway!


NASCAR weekend - Day 2

1:58 PM

Last post about NASCAR this week I PROMISE! LOL :P

SO Saturday we went to the NASCAR Sprint Coca-Cole 400. What an amazing race! Lots of wrecks. Most i couldn't get on video or in pictures cause they were in turn 3 :( and we were near turn 1, and if you have ever been to Daytona International Speedway you would know that that is a VERY long distance away! ;)
Kevin Harvick won which was a well deserved win I think.

Besides the rain, it was a great day!

Enjoy the video below of Day 2! :)


NASCAR weekend - Day 1

3:26 PM


This weekend was nascar weekend in Daytona and my dad and I were blessed enough to get tickets to both the Nationwide and Sprint Races.
I had a blast. Both races were exciting in different ways.

Friday aka Day 1 was very exciting. My friend and I headed up early and did some fun stuff and met(and saw) some drivers in the Fan Zone along pit road.

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and met up with our daddies in our seats.

The race was so great. Dale Earnheardt Jr drove a replica of his dad's #3 Wrangler car. Almost everyone (including me) in the stands held up 3 fingers in honor of Dale Earnheardt Sr in the final lap's and everyone screamed once that #3 crossed the start/finish line and won the race. It gave me major chills!

Now Jr isn't my favorite driver, but I do have a soft spot for him. He was the one (besides his dad) that I remember watching growing up. So, to see him win. Was very cool.

And alot of people talk about it being a "given" win because he was driving a replica of his "dad's" car. I somewhat believe that. I surely wouldn't want to be the one who wrecked out the #3 car. But I think he had an amazing car that night and deserved the win.

Enjoy the little video i put together below :)

Stay tuned for the next post about Day 2 of Nascar weekend and the Coca-Cola 400!

And don't forget to enter my Jo-Woods Organics givaway! AND send in some questions for my next Q&A. I've been so busy that I've been forgetting to do it so hopefully this week I'll get it done.


Jo Woods Organic Review

5:39 PM

Thanks to Jo Woods Organics for sending my some wonderful samples to review! I loved them all and they smelled amazing :)

Here is a little bit about Jo Wood Organics-


Jo Wood Organics is certified organic by ECOCERT, the leading French certification organisation.

After years spent mixing oils for her own personal use and for family and friends in what Jo now fondly refers to as her ‘home laboratory’, 2005 saw the launch of Jo Wood Organics, a sophisticated and decadent range of organic fragrance, bath and body care products. The years that have followed have seen the Jo Wood Organics brand gain respect within the organics industry, win numerous awards and Jo herself become a well-known advocate for organic living with appearances on television, at award ceremonies and industry events. She has even written a book. She has been on GMTV, Market Kitchen, Britain’s Next Top Model to name a few and she was voted one of Grazia magazine’s Women of the Year 2008.

Jo’s inspiration for her Jo Wood Organics range is influenced by her passion for Africa; Jo’s mother is South African, and can trace family ancestors to the Zulu’s. The fragrances have been given Swahili and Xhosa names, Amka, Usiku, Tula and Langa.

The video bellow is my review of the samples they gave me.Enjoy!

( please excuse my look..lol. All i have on my face is mascara.lol.. I was to lazy to put more makeup on)

Yup I'm gonna hold a giveaway for 2 of the samples :)

Here is how to enter -
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Let me know in comments of what ways you entered :)

Thanks again to the ladies at Jo Woods that sent me the samples and aloud me to review them!
Make sure to check out Jo Woods Organics at