Sunday Sharing

2:43 PM

I wanted to share this really cool video with you guys this sunday!

If you didn't know I love the show "So You Think You Can Dance". And once of my favorite dancers this season is Robert. And if you watch the video below. You'll see why ;)

I also love this song by Coldplay and I loved the choreographer Travis Wall. So it just seemed like an AMAZING fit :)

Oh and i will announce the winner of my giveaway tomorrow :D

Oh and i plan on doing a Q&A sometime this week.:D I've already got 2 questions but they say anonymous. SO if you leave a question PLEASE leave your name. I will not answer it if it is left anonymous...


  1. I think I like East of Eden a little bit more, too. He was such a phenomenal actor, definitely my all time favorite actor (thanks to you!). :)

  2. that dance was amaaaazing! robert is so sweet and he's also an incredible dancer! and of course travis is too:)

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with this show! Love it!



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