Q&A Vlog - Simply Samantha

Q&A Vlog

4:54 PM

Wohoo! I finally did another Q&A. I'm so excited you guys love the Q&A vlogs. Keep the questions coming!

Also I forgot to mention. I have a facebook page for my blog! You can click on the facebook button on the right to get to it ;) So "like" it and suggest it to your friends and blog friends!


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  1. England and Italy - good choice ;) I love both. And I really want to see Ireland!

  2. Hey, Samantha.

    These vlogs are so fun! Great idea you had there...

    Could you stop bye my blog when you have a moment...I have a rather urgent prayer request posted...


    In His Arms,

  3. Loved the vlog! Zac Efron is a really cool guy to be stuck with; excellent choice. lol! :)

    I was wondering if you use the free Picnik or if you pay for the upgraded one. I use the free one sometimes.


  4. i love these posts! :) they're great; i feel like i get a glimpse of your life. thanks for answering my questions:) can't wait for the next one...i'll have to think of a few more.


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