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11:05 AM

So since my wonderful mommy (over at www.thenotsoperfecthousewife.com) blogged about what her ideas for the our road trip are. I thought I'd share mine :)

Music I will be listening to ranges from John Mayer to Kenny Chesney - Michael Buble to the Beatles.


I know for sure I'm bringing Star Trek and Pride and Prejudice for the trip. They are long and good to watch. And the men in the movies aren't that bad looking either ;)


As long as i don't get car sick...... I plan finishing up "Fearless" by Max Lucado.

Fearless Pictures, Images and Photos

And for this trip I plan on eating lots of chocolate or things that have chocolate in them.

chocolate. Pictures, Images and Photos

We aren't leaving for a couple days so stay tuned for some other posts :D I would also like to do another Q&A this week. So think of some questions and send them in! :)


  1. Oh a road trip! How fun! I would definitely bring Michael Buble along, too. :) I can't read while riding in a car because most of the time it makes me sick, but I always bring a book along just in case I want to risk it. :) I hope you have a fun and safe trip. :)


  2. Awe, thanks Samantha. I'm glad you enjoy the music on my blog. :) Oh, and I LOVE Michael Buble!

  3. i LOVE all your road trip choices! the music, movies, book -- perfect! have fun & be safe. :)


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