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I CAN'T believe its almost the middle of July already! June just seemed to FLY by, and July seems to be doing the same. Besides doing Math and a SAT prep class my summers been good! Filled with VBS,NASCAR races,tubbing on a lake , and movie watching.. which happens to be my personal favorite.

Thursday my friend and I spent all afternoon watching movies,playing Wii, and eating junk food. What a way to spend a day! Gosh, we are already planning on doing it next week. Its just fun to sit and chill out sometimes. Especially when your watching chick-flicks and eating chocolate :) And you burn off all the calories from the junk food laughing at each other too ;)

This summer I'm also starting to decorate my room a little bit more. With posters and photos. Though none of them have been mounted on the wall just yet. They are getting pre-pared to be put on the wall.


Hope your all having a great summer!

Oh and AGAIN I apologize for not doing a Q&A this week. I keep forgetting! I'll try to do one next week :)

And I plan on finishing up the Jo Woods Giveaway next week also so send in your entries :)


  1. Watching movies is my favourite too! And it's true, it seems like the whole summer flies by. But I love every single day.

    Looking forward to your Q&A video. I like your videos a lot. All of them!

  2. OMG! Girl, I have to have that James Dean one! It's awesome. lol! :)

    I think all I have been eating during the day for the last couple of weeks is classified as junk food. lol! Actually, for 3 days in a row all I ate was Cheez-its. Haha, they were so good.

  3. I love the James Dean picture!! :D And "The Beatles", very cool. Sounds like you are having a awesome, girl! Enjoy it, haha, and eat some junk food for me!



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