NASCAR weekend - Day 1

3:26 PM


This weekend was nascar weekend in Daytona and my dad and I were blessed enough to get tickets to both the Nationwide and Sprint Races.
I had a blast. Both races were exciting in different ways.

Friday aka Day 1 was very exciting. My friend and I headed up early and did some fun stuff and met(and saw) some drivers in the Fan Zone along pit road.

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and met up with our daddies in our seats.

The race was so great. Dale Earnheardt Jr drove a replica of his dad's #3 Wrangler car. Almost everyone (including me) in the stands held up 3 fingers in honor of Dale Earnheardt Sr in the final lap's and everyone screamed once that #3 crossed the start/finish line and won the race. It gave me major chills!

Now Jr isn't my favorite driver, but I do have a soft spot for him. He was the one (besides his dad) that I remember watching growing up. So, to see him win. Was very cool.

And alot of people talk about it being a "given" win because he was driving a replica of his "dad's" car. I somewhat believe that. I surely wouldn't want to be the one who wrecked out the #3 car. But I think he had an amazing car that night and deserved the win.

Enjoy the little video i put together below :)

Stay tuned for the next post about Day 2 of Nascar weekend and the Coca-Cola 400!

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  1. Cool! One thing I should do before I die is go to a NASCAR race, even though I don't follow them I think it would be fun. :) When we were moving in our new house the other day Kinsey found a Dale Jr. mug and it made us think of you. :)

    Oh yeah, I am going to watch 'Rebel With A Cause' tonight.


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