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If your like me and keep up with all sports news...

.....well you might not, I don't keep up with it as much as a guy would but i like to know whats going on in the sports world.

And so if you've been keep track of whats been going on in the NASCAR side of sports your probably wondering about my thoughts on the LATEST (yes its not the first) incident between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski in the NASCAR Nationwide Circuit.

Below is the incident that happened last weekend. You might want to watch it that way you'll know what I'm going to talk about below the video.

Let me first say that this year NASCAR told the drivers and teams that "all gloves were off" meaning as long as no one got badly injured NASCAR wasn't going to interfere or penalize when it comes to payback

In my opinion neither driver was in the wrong. Brad pushed Carl in the same way and Carl was able to hold his own. And when Carl pushed Brad, he couldn't control his car. Which in some situations your can't.

According to
"NASCAR announced Edwards would be docked 60 points in the Nationwide driver’s championship standings, fined $25,000 and placed on probation in all NASCAR series until Dec. 31. Keselowski was placed on probation in all NASCAR series until Dec. 31, but was not docked any driver points or issued any fine."

Now I understand that NASCAR felt it was fair to the other drivers to penalize them because other cars were involved in Brads wreck.

Maybe I'm biased. Carl is one of my favorite drivers. And I've met Brad before and I'm ok with him, but i'm not a fan of his driving. Carl had every right to push back. AND I don't think he should be penalized for doing what he had the right. In the NASCAR sport. To do.

In nascar. If you push. The other driver will push back. It might be hard or he might just "give you a doughnut" (which means he rubs his tire on the side of his car).

I think NASCAR needs to be clear on how far they are letting driver go when it comes to payback. Cause as a fan, I'm a little confused. I think they need to be more clear.

I think its ok for pay back in the sport if you know what your doing and only spin the driver out. I've seen NUMEROUS drives do it in the Nationwide and Sprint series.

Again this is my opinion. Nothing against NASCAR, nothing against the drivers and teams. I just felt like I needed to voice my opinion.

Part of my blog is writing about sports seeing that I want to enter communications in the sports industry one day. :)

So i hope you enjoy my sport posts and that they are not to boring for ya ;)

And IF this post is to boring for ya! Stay tuned cause tomorrow I'm gonna blog a fun Friday Favorite :D


  1. I keep up with sports! :) Softball, football, and really anything else. Didn't hear about this though. Hope you have a really great weekend! :)

  2. wow. that's a tough call. i'm glad both drivers are okay though!


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