June 2010 - Simply Samantha


2:15 PM

Yes, I admit it. I make lists.

Lists for everything. From trip packing, to shopping, and yes even school.

I'm noticing as I do more and more on my own I tend to make everything somewhat organized and or make a list for everything. Especially during this past school year. I was doing mostly everything school wise on my own. I couldn't go through a day with out a list of school work that needed to get done.

I makes list mostly cause I am just afraid I might forget something. So i have to write it down somewhere.
It pays off though. I feel less stressed when i know i have a list. As dorky as that sounds.

(oh and please excuse my chicken scratch)

Monday Moments

5:20 PM

Baby Turkeys outside my window! These cuties make my day :)




Bath Time

2:18 PM

It was bath day for my doggie today. Jaxson is a true Florida dog so he is outside "sunning" himself a lot. Which makes him STINK for some odd reason. Which in turn gives me the honor of giving him a bath.

(this is taken after the bath. My little Fuzzy Wuzzy)

He dreads it but deep down inside i know he likes its :)

And bellow is what he does after the bath. Its quiet funny.

(sorry the video's a little blurry. I was just using our camera and not our flip-cam)


Book Review - Start Here

5:32 PM

Start Here - By Alex and Brett Harris

Product Description

You want to do hard things.
But you don’t know where to start.

You are changing the world around you.
But you are tired and burned out.

You feel called to do the extraordinary for God.
But you feel stuck in the ordinary.

Do Hard Things inspired thousands of young people around the world to make the most of the teen years. Now Alex and Brett Harris are back and ready to tackle the questions thatDo Hard Things inspired: How do I get started? What do I do when I get discouraged? What’s the best way to inspire others? Filled with stories and insights from Alex, Brett, and other real-life rebelutionaries, Start Here is a powerful and practical guide to doing hard things, right where you are.

Are you ready to take the next step and blast past mediocrity for the glory of God?


My Review -
Let me first off start by say the Harris family has birthed some incredible boys!
I LOVED Alex and Brett's first book "Do hard things" and I was THRILLED to read this one. And I wasn't disappointed. This book is basically a follow-up to "Do Hard things". Its is sort of a "how to" book on how to do Hard Things for Christ. It encourages and gives great insight on how to take you passion for Christ and turn it into something good for other people. I enjoyed the stories throughout the book from other "Rebeluastionary's" and how they accomplished Hard Things!
This book is again, AMAZING. Definitely consider it for your next read :)

My day!

1:57 PM

Yesterday was my birthday. Its hard to believe I'm 17! I mean, I'll be (Lord willing) going to college next year! And I'll be getting my license soon and taking the SAT (i'm not to excited about that). Crazyness. I remember what i did on my birthday 10 years ago!
So after my fun morning at VBS. Mom, sis and I headed out to the mall to shop! Annnndddd to get my Tim Tebow shirt that was part of my birthday gift from my parents :)



And of course we just didn't go to the mall for just my Tim Tebow shirt. We (I) Went to shop too.



My sis also got me 2 of my favorite things. Country Music (or Kenny Chesney) and Penut M&M's :)


Needless to say I had a amazing birthday!

High Sea's

6:42 PM

So if your church isn't doing this VBS program i bet you $20 another church in your town is doing it.

( please don't send me a U.O.M (you owe me) email)

So this week I'm a Crew Leader in our wonderful VBS. I was a crew leader in VBS last year and was so excited to be one again this year.

Sooo. With VBS I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get in. I am worn out by the time VBS is over and my computers still acting sickly. So bare with me.

Like I said I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get in. I might be able to I might not. Hopefully with my b-day tomorrow and a book which I'm going to "try" to finish soon, I'll have some lovely post for you all :)

OH, and I'll try to do a Q&A sometime next week :) So send in your questions!

Happy Fathers Day

3:50 PM

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!

Dear Daddy,
As i sit here. Your sleeping. Just as you do every Sunday when the NASCAR race on gets boring.
..Oh now you are awake. Mostly because I switched the channel and the sounds of engines went away.
And NOW you are back asleep.......

Anyway. Just want to let you know even though your jokes are sometimes not always funny. And when you act younger then me sometimes. I still love you.
Why? Cause you put up with not only me. But mom too. Cause sorry, Her sarcastic-ness and quick wit was hereditary.

I'll never get tired of buying you funny tee shirts, video games, something involving disney, and pool toys.

Thanks for putting up with not only my moods but mom's and layne's. Sorry the other man in the house is the dog. But you know he loves you too :)

Love you so much! Happy Fathers day :)



Book Review - When God Writes Your Love Story

1:47 PM

When God Writes You Love Story (Expanded Addition) - The Ultimate guid to guy/girl relationships by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Book Description-
In their most popular book, bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy challenge singles to take a fresh approach to relationships in a culture where love has been replaced by cheap sensual passion. When God Writes Your Love Story shows that God's way to true love brings fulfillment and romance in its purest, richest, and most satisfying form. This new edition includes an extra chapter from Leslie Ludy about the surprises of life after marriage!

“I had dreamed of a perfect love story for my entire life. But somewhere in the midst of the endless cycle of temporary romances, my dreams had shattered.” How can I find a love worth waiting for?

Lay the foundation now—whether you’ve met your future spouse or not—for a lifelong romance. Bestselling authors Eric and Leslie Ludy invite you to discover how beautiful your love story can be when the Author of romance scripts every detail.

What I thought -
I LOVE books about purity. I've probably read half of the books on purity that are out there. I love reading and knowing that I'm not the only "crazy" one out there that is actually staying pure for my future husband. I really recommend this book for older teen girls/guys who are looking for some encouragement and even some great information on how to have a Godly relationship within this secular world. Its great to get stories from both sides of the relationship. The Girl side from Leslie and the guy side from Eric. I recommend this book for any older teens (16 and up). Its a great resource and a great read.

I promised :)

4:16 PM

So I promised I would blog about SOMETHING! And so wonderful Hannah over at Aspire is holding a AMAZING giveaway! That involves COFFEE! Wohoo :)

Win a Brand New Cappuccino and Espresso Maker - Aspire

So go over and check it out!

Samantha :)

Lack of..

12:23 PM

UPDATE - June 17 2010 -
My computer still acting a little sickly so I'm not pushing it. I'm just limiting my computer time to my moms computer (which is very limited) and social networking on my Itouch. I'll try to put some post's together soon ( if my life gets exciting). Not sure what I'll write about yet ;) I do have VBS and my birthday next week so maybe I'll be able to put a post together soon :)
Thanks again for coming to my blog. Sorry again for the lack of post.


I apologize for the lack of post the past couple of days. My computer got a little sick and had to be worked on. So i was limited to social networking on my Itouch :)

Hopefully I'll be working on some post's the next couple of days. But until then enjoy a video of my dog... again....

In the video my dog is (was) sleeping. So i thought it would be funny to see him react to my cell phone vibrating on his (used to by mine) bean-bag. Needless to say his reaction was very cute and funny ;)

Don't forget to send in your questions for the next Q&A :)!!


Cry Baby

11:08 AM

YAY. Samantha's writing about her dog..... Again...... Sorry but he truly is the only entertaining thing in my life. And sometime i just want to share is cuteness ( and sometimes weirdness).

Since we lost our old dog last year Jaxson has become quiet a cry baby when my parents leave the house. Its cute to a point. He will wine and cry and go outside and howl. He eventually goes in his bean bag bed and sleeps but until then its nothing but crying and wining.



I love him in all his weirdness oh i mean cuteness ;)

Dont forget to send in your questions for the next Q&A

Tuesdays Thoughts

11:53 AM

Random Thoughts Pictures, Images and Photos

As you know on my blog I try my best entertain you with what goes on in my head. From my faith, to my dog.

So here is another one of Samantha's "wonderful" post about whats going on in my head (note the sarcasm)

I'm sore. Yes the joys (and pains) of summer party's and get together with friends are arriving :)

Why am I sore. Cause I spent most of Sunday afternoon going up and down a 32ft inflatable water-slide with my friends. Most of the time I ended up either -

  • Running into them
  • Riding down the slide on top of them
  • or slipping very "un-gracefully" in the water on the slide
(sorry i have no video or photos of the incidents ;) )

Now don't get me wrong. I had a blast. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Its just the after pains of it all that i don't like.

So with trips to the natural springs, VBS week , and afternoon swims with the friends in the distant future and can see much more pain ahead. But I guess that's what makes summer fun. Having fun while putting stress to your body all at the same time.

AHHH summertime :)

Don't forget to send in your questions for the next Q&A :)


Saturday Sports - Bad Call

6:28 PM

Now, I've mentioned before that i really don't watch baseball often. If its on i'll try to watch some of it. I do enjoy a good baseball game. I'm a Orioles fan myself. And if i watched it more often I probably would be more into it then i already am.

That said. This past week a REALLY bad call was made by the umpire at the Detroit game. Armando Galarrage was one hit away from a perfect game when the umpire called the last batter safe at first base. But as you can tell below. He was CLEARLY out.

The umpire apologized moments after the call and to the press after the game.

When interview Galarraga responded to the apology.

"He apologized to me, I gave him a hug. I'm sure the guy feels 100 times worse than me," Galarraga said. "The next day we turned the page. He's a professional, I'm a professional." (cnn.com)

Bloggers! Don't forget to send in your ?'s for the next Q&A :)

Q&A Vlog 2

4:05 PM

I had so MUCH fun answering your questions! PLEASE keep them coming :)

Its a long video but i had to answer all your fun questions :)

Let me know if you think this video is a little too long :) Please let me know if you would like me to split up long Q&A vlogs into 2 or more videos :) I would love your feed back :)

And don't forget to send in you questions for the next Q&A vlog! :)



1:47 PM

My dog likes Bananas. No lie. He can hear you open one from miles away. Its sad yet cute at the same time because I can't eat one without his cute little begging face near me :)