Lack of..

12:23 PM

UPDATE - June 17 2010 -
My computer still acting a little sickly so I'm not pushing it. I'm just limiting my computer time to my moms computer (which is very limited) and social networking on my Itouch. I'll try to put some post's together soon ( if my life gets exciting). Not sure what I'll write about yet ;) I do have VBS and my birthday next week so maybe I'll be able to put a post together soon :)
Thanks again for coming to my blog. Sorry again for the lack of post.


I apologize for the lack of post the past couple of days. My computer got a little sick and had to be worked on. So i was limited to social networking on my Itouch :)

Hopefully I'll be working on some post's the next couple of days. But until then enjoy a video of my dog... again....

In the video my dog is (was) sleeping. So i thought it would be funny to see him react to my cell phone vibrating on his (used to by mine) bean-bag. Needless to say his reaction was very cute and funny ;)

Don't forget to send in your questions for the next Q&A :)!!


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