Happy Fathers Day

3:50 PM

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!

Dear Daddy,
As i sit here. Your sleeping. Just as you do every Sunday when the NASCAR race on gets boring.
..Oh now you are awake. Mostly because I switched the channel and the sounds of engines went away.
And NOW you are back asleep.......

Anyway. Just want to let you know even though your jokes are sometimes not always funny. And when you act younger then me sometimes. I still love you.
Why? Cause you put up with not only me. But mom too. Cause sorry, Her sarcastic-ness and quick wit was hereditary.

I'll never get tired of buying you funny tee shirts, video games, something involving disney, and pool toys.

Thanks for putting up with not only my moods but mom's and layne's. Sorry the other man in the house is the dog. But you know he loves you too :)

Love you so much! Happy Fathers day :)



  1. i love this post! :) this is so sweet. i hope you guys have a great father's day! :)))

    and a huge thank you for your last blog comment especially. it really means a lot to me. i was really unsure of myself posting those wedding images because i wasn't sure if they were my style but i'm glad you like them! thanks again:)

  2. Too sweet! =)

    Thanks for the luck, I'm gonna need it! lol =)
    Yeah water used to be second nature till I started having money and could buy whatever I wanted to drink and eat. Haha.



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