2:15 PM

Yes, I admit it. I make lists.

Lists for everything. From trip packing, to shopping, and yes even school.

I'm noticing as I do more and more on my own I tend to make everything somewhat organized and or make a list for everything. Especially during this past school year. I was doing mostly everything school wise on my own. I couldn't go through a day with out a list of school work that needed to get done.

I makes list mostly cause I am just afraid I might forget something. So i have to write it down somewhere.
It pays off though. I feel less stressed when i know i have a list. As dorky as that sounds.

(oh and please excuse my chicken scratch)


  1. I should start making lists too. I always want to write something down, but I don't want to have tons of paper plastered all over my wall. Then again, I might stop forgetting everything.


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