Saturday Sports - Bad Call

6:28 PM

Now, I've mentioned before that i really don't watch baseball often. If its on i'll try to watch some of it. I do enjoy a good baseball game. I'm a Orioles fan myself. And if i watched it more often I probably would be more into it then i already am.

That said. This past week a REALLY bad call was made by the umpire at the Detroit game. Armando Galarrage was one hit away from a perfect game when the umpire called the last batter safe at first base. But as you can tell below. He was CLEARLY out.

The umpire apologized moments after the call and to the press after the game.

When interview Galarraga responded to the apology.

"He apologized to me, I gave him a hug. I'm sure the guy feels 100 times worse than me," Galarraga said. "The next day we turned the page. He's a professional, I'm a professional." (

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  1. I'm the same way about baseball, only I'm a Braves fan (home state pride). I heard about that call and I thought it sucked badly. :(

    I have a question for you: If you were stranded on island what three things would you want to have w/ and what one person would you like to have w/ you?

    Sorry I haven't asked a q sooner. I always forget. lol. ;)


  2. It shows his wonderful character, doesn't it. Truly, in life, the worst call that can ever be made is the ETERNAL call. Let's not make that mistake. All others pale in compariso.

    Looking forward to your birthday, sweet one :)

  3. That's a really good attitude. Nice to see people like that. Have a blessed Monday!!


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