Bath Time

2:18 PM

It was bath day for my doggie today. Jaxson is a true Florida dog so he is outside "sunning" himself a lot. Which makes him STINK for some odd reason. Which in turn gives me the honor of giving him a bath.

(this is taken after the bath. My little Fuzzy Wuzzy)

He dreads it but deep down inside i know he likes its :)

And bellow is what he does after the bath. Its quiet funny.

(sorry the video's a little blurry. I was just using our camera and not our flip-cam)


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  2. Haha! I know what heat does to a dog too and it is awfully fishy. Our dog runs around the house shaking as soon as he gets out of the bath and doesn't give my mama the chance to dry him off. That ticks her off so badly. lol!

  3. hahahah! gosh my dog does the same thing too! but the only problem is she's an outdoor dog, so it kind of undoes any cleaning we did. ;)


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