High Sea's

6:42 PM

So if your church isn't doing this VBS program i bet you $20 another church in your town is doing it.

( please don't send me a U.O.M (you owe me) email)

So this week I'm a Crew Leader in our wonderful VBS. I was a crew leader in VBS last year and was so excited to be one again this year.

Sooo. With VBS I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get in. I am worn out by the time VBS is over and my computers still acting sickly. So bare with me.

Like I said I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get in. I might be able to I might not. Hopefully with my b-day tomorrow and a book which I'm going to "try" to finish soon, I'll have some lovely post for you all :)

OH, and I'll try to do a Q&A sometime next week :) So send in your questions!


  1. There's a church about a mile away from my house that is doing the exact same program! Funny, right?

    Hope everything goes well....have a good time:)

  2. Sounds fun! I would love to have the opportunity to help w/ VBS. :)

    Oh, I wanted to tell you that my library has 'Rebel Without A Cause' on DVD so I put it in hold and can't wait to watch it. :)


  3. happy birthday! have a good time at vbs!!!!


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