November 2009 - Simply Samantha

The Start of the Season

11:25 AM

I can't believe tomorrow it will be December! Crazyness! Its seem like November when by so fast ( though i tend to say that every time we go into a new month).
We are back from our trip. We had such an amazing time with friends and family. I can't wait to go back.
( my cuz and I, see the resemblance :) )

So yesterday we started what I call. "Christmas Prep" It take my family about 2 or 3 days to unload ALL of our Christmas stuff. Its insane. "Unfortunately" I hurt my back Sunday morning (I think its mostly from sitting in the car on the way home for so long) so i wasn't able to help bring in the boxes. I helped unload a little.. as you can see in the video ;)


Every year i try to have a goal for Christmas, I don't know why. Its always something like, buying gifts early, being extra helpful.. stuff like that.
This year I'm going to try to bake and cook more. I like to cook and bake, i just have to be in the So for the past couple days I've been keeping an eye out for different yet cool recipes ;)

Hope you like my music player. I LOVE Christmas music so i thought I'd add my Christmas player to the blog for the month of December :) Also check out what I'm reading and my new "link me?"

Packing Up

8:39 PM

So most of the packing is done for the trip home tomorrow. I've had such an amazing week, visiting friends, family, and of course thanksgiving. I'm so tired, but a good tired. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night, but I've kind of enjoyed sleeping on comfy couches.
Truthfully, almost every time we come back to MD, it feels as if we have never left. Yes friends get older, the church and town changes a bit. But if you saw me with my friends, you would have never thought that we lived so far away from each other.
I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving. Right now as I'm writing, my cuz is teaching my mom how to play some game, my aunt, uncle, and grandmother are asleep, i lost sight of my youngest cuz, and i really dont know where my dad and sister are. So in all words it's quiet peacful here.
So here's to our trip :) ( salutes with hand). Now we may go home and decorate our house with the 18 boxes of christmas stuff awaiting at our house ( hopefully I'll write about that in my next post;) . And also reunight with our puppy ;)

Checking in from Maryland

3:10 PM

Hey my title rhymes :) So I'm bloging in a basement! lol. In my homestate ;)
Maryland Pictures, Images and Photos
I've had a great weekend. The drive went really well. No issues what so ever on the way up except deciding where we were going to eat for dinner and my sister getting Fabrezz sprayed in her mouth by accident. lol
Most of the weekend was spent with family (watching football, and eating my Grant Aunt Tissys cheese dip that is at every family event on my dads side).
Today I had a yummy coffee downtown with my G-Ma and tonight some major parting is going to go on :) So I am just checking in, Not sure If i'll be able to blog more this week.

If so I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Feel free to post comments :) I will be able to check and read them :)


1:02 PM

I am a major note taker. And I don't mean in school ( though I do take notes at school). If i need to remember something I make a note, and when I mean something I mean ANYTHING. It could be as simple as doing my hair a certain way. I know I'm weird. But I'm so scared I'll forget. If i decided to do something the next day in the middle of the night, i get up, turn my light on and make a note of it and stick it on my cork board. I don't have a dry erase bored, so i use paper, from anywhere. I tell my mom I kill so many tree's with the amount of paper I use just to make myself reminders. Onetime I made a note to take a shower. I know pathetic but I'm very afraid about forgetting things.
So the other day I was looking around on my newly updated laptop. There are some pretty good things on the windows 7. But the best thing EVER. Its it has STICKY NOTES! HALLELUJAH! lol I was so excited because i use my computer about everyday so its a great place to have reminders :)

See the sticky notes! lol. And for those of you who don't know. That is James Dean on my wallpaper. Mom laughs because I've only seen 1 movie of his and I LOVE him.. lol ( ok maybe not love but he was a great actor). I tell her "One is enough! :) "

I'm not sure if I'll be able to blog in the next view days ( or even week) I will make the best effort to blog on vaca but we will see how that goes :)

I'm Back :) miss me :)

12:38 PM

I'm back. My laptop is fixed! yippee ;) God has blessed us with a wonderful friend who is a computer wiz. He was able to fix my laptop and upgrade it to Windows 7. :)
Dell Latitude D620 Pictures, Images and Photos

This post isn't going to be 2 long. I'm just checking in between Spanish Tests. I'm trying to get all my school done by tomorrow. Most of my co-op school work is done. Most of the work is for spanish because I have to finish up this midterm today. Crazyness. It will all be worth it come tomorrow night. Familys coming to stay and then off to my MD I go ;)

Sick Day(s)

5:30 PM

its sick Pictures, Images and Photos
Well. I actually have a good excuse of why i haven't blogged. My laptop is sick. It has a nasty "worm" all because of me. I always seem to be the one that messes up the computer(s). I have no idea why. Luckily we have great friends that can... hopefully .... fix it.
So please excuse me as I am away from blogger for a couple days. I'm having to use my sisters computer and sometimes my wonderful mommy lets me use her laptop :)

Please feel free to comment :) I love getting them :)


2:51 PM

Hey ya'll :)
So homecoming, oh wait, the Masquerade Ball was this weekend, I had a blast! Dancing, eat lots of chocolate and taking lots of pictures. And of course we had to do the Thriller dance. I laughed to hard at so many times. My friends sister "chaperoned" but you wouldn't know that she was because almost every song she was out on the floor dancing and showing us moves ;)

The accessories~


The Dress~

The Girls~


My Sis and I ~


Worldless Wednesday ... just a little late

6:31 PM


College information anyone? lol, there is a pile of college info just sitting under my night Its fun getting this in the mail though :)

Sorry this is a little late, i meant to blog this yesterday but yesterday was really busy.

12:59 PM

Hey everybody,
Thanks so much for you wonderful comments on my last post :) I LOVE getting them.

I apologize for not posting in almost a week. About 2 days after my last post ( the day i was planing to post) my computer plans got interrupted. This past Thursday we lost our "old man" :)

( oh and he's not dead in this picture, just sleeping :) his main hobby :) )

He was such a good dog. We love and miss him so much ;)

Here is what my mom wrote on her blog. I couldn't have wrote it any better :)

Spankie lived an AMAZING life.

He jumped out a second story window, garnering himself the name "Spankie the Wonder Dog" by all the neighbors.

He was kicked in the head by a donkey, which fractured his skull. Beyond being a little shaken up, he was actually OK. The vet just said the bump on his head gave him more character.

He rode shotgun with my hubby in the moving van from Maryland to Florida.

He chased and often caught quiet a few groundhogs and even one Armadillo here in Florida.

He was horribly attacked by something during the night a few years back and had over 10 puncture wounds. He surprisingly survived that too.


I'm actually doing pretty ok with it happening to fast and all of a sudden. Which is weird. I'm still sad but I really thank the Lord because I believe He has really helped me the past couple days. We still have another dog, which I also think is helping cushion the blow. It's probably because I still have the relation that there is still a dog in the house. I still miss my Spankie though and will for many years ;) He made me laugh when I was young by running like a mad man in our yard and scared me half to death when he got kicked in the head by a donkey :)
I will really miss him this Christmas because every year he gets into our presents and sniffs them out :) He even has his own stocking :)

Anyway :) Hopefully I'll have a much better and happier post for next time :)