I'm Back :) miss me :)

12:38 PM

I'm back. My laptop is fixed! yippee ;) God has blessed us with a wonderful friend who is a computer wiz. He was able to fix my laptop and upgrade it to Windows 7. :)
Dell Latitude D620 Pictures, Images and Photos

This post isn't going to be 2 long. I'm just checking in between Spanish Tests. I'm trying to get all my school done by tomorrow. Most of my co-op school work is done. Most of the work is for spanish because I have to finish up this midterm today. Crazyness. It will all be worth it come tomorrow night. Familys coming to stay and then off to my MD I go ;)


  1. That is the same laptop that my Pa has for work (one of them ☺)! I have a HP but KK, Mom, and Pa all use Dell's. I think that might even be the same year. Anyway it looks identical.

    Good luck getting your work finished!

  2. Star Wars is quite literally a boom. There is this surround sound thingy that vibrates, or something and shakes the whole room. We only went with the projector when we redid the basement, because there was NO room to put a TV stand. And the projector is a D.L.P. (made by Texas Instrument. The company my Pa works for, designing semiconductors) so he got a employee discount. That helped ;)

  3. Love your Christmas music. I just love all the holiday music. And glad you had a good trip back to good ol' Maryland ;)

    We always set up our Christmas tree and all the day after Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception. We each buy a new ornament each year, so you can imagine how full the tree is, and how long it takes to put all the ornaments on ;) But we do have a pre-lit so that cuts down on the time to put it up a little.

    Oh, and check out the post I have up at my blog. There are a few changes going on with my blog, that I'm trying to let my readers know.

    Merry Christmas!



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