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Checking in from Maryland

3:10 PM

Hey my title rhymes :) So I'm bloging in a basement! lol. In my homestate ;)
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I've had a great weekend. The drive went really well. No issues what so ever on the way up except deciding where we were going to eat for dinner and my sister getting Fabrezz sprayed in her mouth by accident. lol
Most of the weekend was spent with family (watching football, and eating my Grant Aunt Tissys cheese dip that is at every family event on my dads side).
Today I had a yummy coffee downtown with my G-Ma and tonight some major parting is going to go on :) So I am just checking in, Not sure If i'll be able to blog more this week.

If so I wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Feel free to post comments :) I will be able to check and read them :)

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