Sick Day(s)

5:30 PM

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Well. I actually have a good excuse of why i haven't blogged. My laptop is sick. It has a nasty "worm" all because of me. I always seem to be the one that messes up the computer(s). I have no idea why. Luckily we have great friends that can... hopefully .... fix it.
So please excuse me as I am away from blogger for a couple days. I'm having to use my sisters computer and sometimes my wonderful mommy lets me use her laptop :)

Please feel free to comment :) I love getting them :)


  1. sorry to hear about your computer. Worms and viruses are the worst. My laptop was WAY SLOW, but then my Pa like did a total processer makeover, and it works like a dream now. Only that wasn't a worm, it was a just because it was a H.P.

    Hope it's up and working soon!

  2. Sorry to hear about that. My laptop completely died one day... so now I don't have one. It was awful going from having a laptop to not having a laptop.
    Oh well, just life I guess.... =)



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