Packing Up

8:39 PM

So most of the packing is done for the trip home tomorrow. I've had such an amazing week, visiting friends, family, and of course thanksgiving. I'm so tired, but a good tired. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night, but I've kind of enjoyed sleeping on comfy couches.
Truthfully, almost every time we come back to MD, it feels as if we have never left. Yes friends get older, the church and town changes a bit. But if you saw me with my friends, you would have never thought that we lived so far away from each other.
I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving. Right now as I'm writing, my cuz is teaching my mom how to play some game, my aunt, uncle, and grandmother are asleep, i lost sight of my youngest cuz, and i really dont know where my dad and sister are. So in all words it's quiet peacful here.
So here's to our trip :) ( salutes with hand). Now we may go home and decorate our house with the 18 boxes of christmas stuff awaiting at our house ( hopefully I'll write about that in my next post;) . And also reunight with our puppy ;)


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