Worldless Wednesday ... just a little late

6:31 PM


College information anyone? lol, there is a pile of college info just sitting under my night Its fun getting this in the mail though :)

Sorry this is a little late, i meant to blog this yesterday but yesterday was really busy.


  1. i hear ya! our mailbox has never been so full...however, josh does not wish to go to college. he wants to enlist in the military...sigh. please don't get me wrong...I'm so proud of him but i'm going to miss him like crazy.

    what school are you thinking about?

    blessings to you, precious

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  3. hahaha Yup! May God show you the right college for you! have a really blessed weekend!!! Remember, Jesus loves you!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Are you the daughter of the author of "the view from my beach chair"? When you said that your Mom, knew my Mom, and that you were from Mt. Airy, it just sorta clicked, and I remembered Mom saying that the author of "the view from my beach chair" had moved from Mt Airy to Florida.

    Oh, and yes, I have friends who live in Mt Airy. Several church members are from there.

    Gotta go. I need to bid on something on Ebay before time runs out!


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