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Hey everybody,
Thanks so much for you wonderful comments on my last post :) I LOVE getting them.

I apologize for not posting in almost a week. About 2 days after my last post ( the day i was planing to post) my computer plans got interrupted. This past Thursday we lost our "old man" :)

( oh and he's not dead in this picture, just sleeping :) his main hobby :) )

He was such a good dog. We love and miss him so much ;)

Here is what my mom wrote on her blog. I couldn't have wrote it any better :)

Spankie lived an AMAZING life.

He jumped out a second story window, garnering himself the name "Spankie the Wonder Dog" by all the neighbors.

He was kicked in the head by a donkey, which fractured his skull. Beyond being a little shaken up, he was actually OK. The vet just said the bump on his head gave him more character.

He rode shotgun with my hubby in the moving van from Maryland to Florida.

He chased and often caught quiet a few groundhogs and even one Armadillo here in Florida.

He was horribly attacked by something during the night a few years back and had over 10 puncture wounds. He surprisingly survived that too.


I'm actually doing pretty ok with it happening to fast and all of a sudden. Which is weird. I'm still sad but I really thank the Lord because I believe He has really helped me the past couple days. We still have another dog, which I also think is helping cushion the blow. It's probably because I still have the relation that there is still a dog in the house. I still miss my Spankie though and will for many years ;) He made me laugh when I was young by running like a mad man in our yard and scared me half to death when he got kicked in the head by a donkey :)
I will really miss him this Christmas because every year he gets into our presents and sniffs them out :) He even has his own stocking :)

Anyway :) Hopefully I'll have a much better and happier post for next time :)


  1. THAT is one pretty amazing dog! Sorry for you loosing him and all!

    So you are from Maryland. Were abouts? I live in Frederick, Maryland. It's about a hour from D.C. and a hour from Baltimore. Because of Pa's job we could live pretty much anywere in the world, but unless we were to leave the country I would never want to leave Maryland.

    On that thought, why did you guys move to Florida?

    Just a curious Nana.

  2. I love you....I'm sorry for your loss. Can't wait to hug you one day in person. PS....Josh said he is sorry, he knows this hurts.



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