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Taking Stock

10:18 AM

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(Blogger Note: This post took me 3 days to write and post. Mostly because I am a loser and totally forgot about it the yesterday :P) 

Making : plans for my day. Taking one day (or week) at a time this year
Cooking :Well I just made a sweet "Honey and Soy" marinade for my lovely chicken pieces to sit in while I'm at school and work so we can have a delish and healthy dinner tonight 
Drinking : Coffee. Need a little boost before i head out the door in about 20 minuets for school.
Reading: I'm reading "Not a fan" by Kyle Idleman, on and off. I have a horrible time reading self help books lol. I did also start "The Beginning of Everything' too!  
Wanting: To just snuggle on the couch and watch movies with my man. Its that kind of dreary day for it here in Florida. 
Looking: at the time to make sure im not going to be late out the door.
Playing: "Follow your Arrow" in my head. Miss.Kacey Musgraves sang it last night on the grammys and now its stuck in my head.
Wasting: time I could be using to do grown up things on checking all my social media things :) 
Sewing: Nothing right now but I totally sowed a button back onto my favorite LC jeans because I believe they have gotten tighter or I've gotten fatter :o
Enjoying: Quietness of my house (well except for the City works working on our street)
Waiting: For the right time to leave for school. 

(which is actually now..) 
Liking: World Market's Organic Parmesan Garlic Popcorn 

Wondering: When I should start working on homework
Loving: my family
Hoping: Dinner turns out as good as the picture looked
Marveling: how much my hubby and Jesus love me.
Needing: to go back to the gym
Smelling:  Vicks vapor rub. I'm working on part of this post at work and the little one's has a little stuffy noes so we have been using a lot of Vicks lately.
Wearing: Jeans, a new tee from Target and a pair of my favorite socks
Following: the #TFIOS tagg on tumblr and twitter, waiting for the trailer to come online. 
Noticing: I need to clean my house before Sunday (superbowl partaaayy)
Thinking: about the rest of the day
Bookmarking: MyFittnessPal. Been using this to keep track of my eating and see if I'm making any mistakes anywhere
Opening: up to new things  
Giggling: at my husband when his pills for his hurt shoulder kick in before bed. talk about funny :P 
Feeling: not ready for the day but I will 

Ilene wrote one of these on her blog so I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

She was inspired by pip of meet me at mike's!  


Can we talk about...

8:00 AM

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// Sweater: Old Navy // Scarf: Rue 21 // Jeans: Forever 21 
// Boots: Top Moda via Amazon //
// Earrings and Bracelet: Old Navy // Glasses: Zenni Optics

Can we talk about ....
  • the fact that I was trying not to laugh in half of these photos because my husband was behind the camera yelling "GIVE ME MORE GIRAFFE!"
  • my obsession with Old Navy sweaters. I mean, I went to Old Navy last weekend with my friend and my mom and swore I didn't need any more sweaters. But I caved and bought the one above and another because they were on sale.
  • how I should invest in some other boots so you aren't seeing these constantly. Even though they are my favorites.
  • how football season is almost over! No! say it isn't so....
  • How the other day it hit me like a brick wall that I am a grown up now. Like, I got excited over a vacuum coming in the mail and I paid my property taxes the other day. When did this happen! 
  • that I am obsessed with pinterest again. There goes all my free time. 
  • my new glasses that I got from Zenni Optics! If you have your eye prescription written down (like I do) you can order great frames for amazing prices! I got these for $20! 


First Day Back

8:00 AM

Going back to school!!!!
(insert cheesy "high school musical" type photo here)
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(and yes... I was worried that my neighbors would think I was insane as they drove by and saw some girl jumping randomly in front of a camera with a trip pod... what I do for you people.....)

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 photo Collagefirstday_zps4d721d08.jpg
//Top: Old Navy / Jeans: Forever 21 // 
//Belt and Bag (gift from mom): Target //
// Boots: Top Moda via Amazon //

Back to school I go. Monday was my first day back on campus and probably the last day I take the time to curl my hair for class the entire semester.
 I'm kind of excited for this semester. This will be my last semester and I will have my A.A Degree by the end of it. Where I choose to go from then on is a mystery and something I am praying about. I might continue to go to the school and build up my knowledge or I might choose to do something else. You never know.

I know most of my readers are heading back to school as well and I hope you all have a great first week. Full of easy teachers and fun classes. Dont forget to do your best cheesy high school musical jump in honor of your first day going back to school! Don't let me be the only one ;)

budjet bytes

R4U : Corn and Zucchini Tacos

5:06 PM

I'm trying to stay as healthy as I can now that I'm married. Meaning more veggies and less meat.

Now most of you are probably wondering what Steve thinks about this. I mean, the man loves his meat :)
Well, he knew when he married me that I was super into being healthy (major influence of my momma) PLUS I am also gluten free. So, he's knew it was coming and is ok with it as long as whatever I make tastes yummy (which I think any guy would only ask that it be)

ANYWAY. With that out of the way. I've been trying different recipes, either that are vegetarian friendly and easy to make.
One of my favorite go to sites is Budget Bytes. She uses normal ingredients to make amazing meals. Most of her recipes are my 3 favorite things.
1.Cheep to make
2. Full of veggies
3. EASY to make

I made her Roasted Corn and Zucchini Tacos the other night.
MAJOR husband approved. Here is the recipe (all credits go to Budget Bytes). I made some side notes of what I changed. Which wasn't much. I used all organic veggies except for the black beans. I also did not use a avocado or cilantro.

Recipe 4 You: Roasted Corn and Zucchini Tacos (from Budget Bytes)
 photo IMG_7824_zps7e63c892.jpg
  • 2 medium zucchini 
  • 8 oz. frozen corn 
  • recipe taco seasoning (or one seasoning packet)  ( I used my moms recipe)
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder 
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil 
  • 1 (15 oz.) can black beans
  • ¼ tsp salt (if needed) 
  • 12 small corn tortillas 
  • 1 medium avocado (optional) 
  • 4 oz. shredded monterrey jack cheese  (Steve and I just used plain old cheddar)
  • ¼ bunch cilantro (optional) 
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut the zucchini into a very small dice, just slightly larger than the pieces of corn. Combine the diced zucchini, corn, olive oil, taco seasoning, and garlic powder in a bowl. Stir until everything is well combined and coated in oil and seasonings.
  2. Cover a baking sheet in foil and spread the zucchini and corn mixture evenly over the surface. Roast in the preheated oven for 25 minutes, or until the vegetables look slightly shriveled. Meanwhile, rinse the black beans and let them drain well.
  3. After the vegetables have roasted, combine them with the well drained black beans. Season the mixture with extra salt, if needed (I used about ¼ tsp). Cut the avocado into 12 slices.
  4. Lightly toast the corn tortillas in a dry skillet, then top with a small scoop of the zucchini corn mixture, a slice of avocado, a few sprigs of cilantro, and a pinch of shredded monterrey jack cheese.

These were AMAZING. And did I mention husband approved????


What I'm GOING to read

2:04 PM

With all the wedding planning behind me and the holidays too, I've been on a reading kick. Once I finish one books my hands itch for a new book to hold. The other day I finished Champion in ONE day. I haven't done that since the last Cassandra Clare novel.

There are going to be some great releases this year and below is my list of some of the ones I want to get a hold of and disappear for a couple days reading.

(Note: I know someo of these are already released.)
 photo Collagebook_zps172f0c66.jpg

  • The Beginning of Everything: I have been told to read this and have seen people RAVE about it. I've been hesitant to read it because it is from a boys point of view and I have a hard time reading from that point but I'm going to give it a try.
  • Love Me: I loved the first book in this series and need to get my hands on this 2nd book.
  • Panic: I love Lauren Oliver and her books and I am waiting patiently for this to come out in March
  • The One: I believe I read the first 2 books of this series separately in a day. And I have a feeling this one will be the same.

daily outfit

To the New Year

4:19 PM

Hey there my blog friends!
LOONG TIME.. no see...
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 photo Collage_zps59b4c9ba.jpg
Sweater Old Navy // Jeans: : LC by Lauren Conrad // 
Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Old Navy

I apologize. But you know, life happens. I got married and life happened RIGHT away. I feel like life didn't slow down from the moment I said "I do", till Christmas Eve.

But I'm back. And one of my goals this year is to blog more. And I swear I say that EVERY year but HEY, a girl can dream.
And apparently my dream is to blog....lol.

If you are wondering. Married life is going great. Its definitely an adventure and I definitely treasure the moments, especially the funny ones;)