To the New Year

4:19 PM

Hey there my blog friends!
LOONG TIME.. no see...
 photo IMG_7778_zps5d700cff.jpg
 photo IMG_7785_zps057537d4.jpg
 photo Collage_zps59b4c9ba.jpg
Sweater Old Navy // Jeans: : LC by Lauren Conrad // 
Shoes: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Old Navy

I apologize. But you know, life happens. I got married and life happened RIGHT away. I feel like life didn't slow down from the moment I said "I do", till Christmas Eve.

But I'm back. And one of my goals this year is to blog more. And I swear I say that EVERY year but HEY, a girl can dream.
And apparently my dream is to

If you are wondering. Married life is going great. Its definitely an adventure and I definitely treasure the moments, especially the funny ones;) 


  1. You forgot - The Ring - My hubby... LOL

  2. aw, yay! i've missed you, girl. you look great and so happy that you have a year of married life ahead of you. :) btw got your sweet card in the mail! thank YOU! :)


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