Taking Stock

10:18 AM

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(Blogger Note: This post took me 3 days to write and post. Mostly because I am a loser and totally forgot about it the yesterday :P) 

Making : plans for my day. Taking one day (or week) at a time this year
Cooking :Well I just made a sweet "Honey and Soy" marinade for my lovely chicken pieces to sit in while I'm at school and work so we can have a delish and healthy dinner tonight 
Drinking : Coffee. Need a little boost before i head out the door in about 20 minuets for school.
Reading: I'm reading "Not a fan" by Kyle Idleman, on and off. I have a horrible time reading self help books lol. I did also start "The Beginning of Everything' too!  
Wanting: To just snuggle on the couch and watch movies with my man. Its that kind of dreary day for it here in Florida. 
Looking: at the time to make sure im not going to be late out the door.
Playing: "Follow your Arrow" in my head. Miss.Kacey Musgraves sang it last night on the grammys and now its stuck in my head.
Wasting: time I could be using to do grown up things on checking all my social media things :) 
Sewing: Nothing right now but I totally sowed a button back onto my favorite LC jeans because I believe they have gotten tighter or I've gotten fatter :o
Enjoying: Quietness of my house (well except for the City works working on our street)
Waiting: For the right time to leave for school. 

(which is actually now..) 
Liking: World Market's Organic Parmesan Garlic Popcorn 

Wondering: When I should start working on homework
Loving: my family
Hoping: Dinner turns out as good as the picture looked
Marveling: how much my hubby and Jesus love me.
Needing: to go back to the gym
Smelling:  Vicks vapor rub. I'm working on part of this post at work and the little one's has a little stuffy noes so we have been using a lot of Vicks lately.
Wearing: Jeans, a new tee from Target and a pair of my favorite socks
Following: the #TFIOS tagg on tumblr and twitter, waiting for the trailer to come online. 
Noticing: I need to clean my house before Sunday (superbowl partaaayy)
Thinking: about the rest of the day
Bookmarking: MyFittnessPal. Been using this to keep track of my eating and see if I'm making any mistakes anywhere
Opening: up to new things  
Giggling: at my husband when his pills for his hurt shoulder kick in before bed. talk about funny :P 
Feeling: not ready for the day but I will 

Ilene wrote one of these on her blog so I thought I'd give it a shot. :)

She was inspired by pip of meet me at mike's!  


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