First Day Back

8:00 AM

Going back to school!!!!
(insert cheesy "high school musical" type photo here)
 photo IMG_7854_zps4ff04d5f.jpg
(and yes... I was worried that my neighbors would think I was insane as they drove by and saw some girl jumping randomly in front of a camera with a trip pod... what I do for you people.....)

 photo IMG_7839_zps8a008665.jpg
 photo Collagefirstday_zps4d721d08.jpg
//Top: Old Navy / Jeans: Forever 21 // 
//Belt and Bag (gift from mom): Target //
// Boots: Top Moda via Amazon //

Back to school I go. Monday was my first day back on campus and probably the last day I take the time to curl my hair for class the entire semester.
 I'm kind of excited for this semester. This will be my last semester and I will have my A.A Degree by the end of it. Where I choose to go from then on is a mystery and something I am praying about. I might continue to go to the school and build up my knowledge or I might choose to do something else. You never know.

I know most of my readers are heading back to school as well and I hope you all have a great first week. Full of easy teachers and fun classes. Dont forget to do your best cheesy high school musical jump in honor of your first day going back to school! Don't let me be the only one ;)


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