Can we talk about...

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// Sweater: Old Navy // Scarf: Rue 21 // Jeans: Forever 21 
// Boots: Top Moda via Amazon //
// Earrings and Bracelet: Old Navy // Glasses: Zenni Optics

Can we talk about ....
  • the fact that I was trying not to laugh in half of these photos because my husband was behind the camera yelling "GIVE ME MORE GIRAFFE!"
  • my obsession with Old Navy sweaters. I mean, I went to Old Navy last weekend with my friend and my mom and swore I didn't need any more sweaters. But I caved and bought the one above and another because they were on sale.
  • how I should invest in some other boots so you aren't seeing these constantly. Even though they are my favorites.
  • how football season is almost over! No! say it isn't so....
  • How the other day it hit me like a brick wall that I am a grown up now. Like, I got excited over a vacuum coming in the mail and I paid my property taxes the other day. When did this happen! 
  • that I am obsessed with pinterest again. There goes all my free time. 
  • my new glasses that I got from Zenni Optics! If you have your eye prescription written down (like I do) you can order great frames for amazing prices! I got these for $20! 


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