August 2012 - Simply Samantha
just me

Its one of those

5:01 PM

Its one of those series of days. When you have good moments and bad moment

for instance.

Good moments.
My best friend came down to visit last minuet.
I laughed a lot the days I spent with my best friend and friends.
I had ice cream.
Watched cheesy batman movies.

Started school.

Bad moments 
Was sick one afternoon.
Felt stressed 45% of the weekend.
Started school.
My best friend left. 

Plus I've been crying at the drop of the hat lately so the bad moments seem 10x worse.
Its just one of those series of days.
Its hard but I can do it. 
Phil 4:13
Coffee helps too.

With that said, I don't mean to be a debbie downer but I need a good week to get used to my new school schedule and back into the swing of things. SO my wonderful blog friends i have to put off blogging for now.
OHHHH but don't get upset. I'll be back soon! I promise!!

just me


9:03 PM

So, darling readers, I was laying in bed this morning. Just looking of my twitter feed on my ipod. Which I do every morning after I wake up.
Sad I know.

 But It always takes me at least 10 minuets before I'm fully awake anyway, so why now just the tweets?

I started laughing cause many of the tweets looked like this

"first day of school!" 
(insert guy voice here) "First day of classes, forgot breakfast #collegestudentfail" 
"FDOS. I got this!"
"First day of school #nervous"

I was laughing cause here I lay in my bed. With no classes.
Why you ask??

Because my school likes to be different and we don't start classes for another week :D Wohoo.
Which is nice, cept for the fact I have this week to get ready, find another job (hopefully), and prepare myself mentally for school.
SO its fun. To a point.

Good luck to all my wonderful readers and may you have a great school year!!! 
God Bless!


Sam's Thoughts

1:19 PM

Its time for another round of

"Random Thoughts with Samantha"

Lets proceed, shall we?

I finally learned how to make a bun! I'm so happy. I finally found a tutorial that works for me! See it here!
Isn't my bun amazing??? I think so :) New favorite style.

Tea Tea! I love tea, Chamomile is my favorite for night time if I'm motivated enough to get off my butt and make it. So is green tea but I prefer my green tea cold. Publix makes amazing green tea that I go out of my way to get. Always.

I made something cool. Isn't this cute? I just took some twine momma had in her office closet and some pink paper clips I bought at target (the $1 rack at target is THE BOMB, just sayin).
Cute. Simple. I like.

Homemade face scrubs are the best. I make my own face scrub. It is the BEST thing you can ever do. I did a lot of research to see what the best natural products were good to put on your face. The conclusion. Sea Salt, A little bit of Olive Oil, Brown Sugar, and honey. I make a scrub of all these things all the time and it makes my face feel amazing.
The ones below here are great too! Natural is the way to go!

I am DYING over here. LC's new fall collection at kohls is to DIE FOR.  Can I have EVERYTHING!? Definitely going to shop online @ Kohls this weekend!


This is true

12:00 AM

Everything about this video is true.

Everything about this video is funny.

You must watch.


Friday Favorites

7:00 PM

Ours by Taylor Swift.
Yea, I know this has been out for a while. But I ADOR this song more so now then ever. Mostly cause I can relate to it a lot more ;) BUT its just such a cute song. It just gets stuck in my head ALL DAY.

Theses shoes.
Blowfish shoes is having FREE SHIPPING till the 12th and I'm in DESPERATE need of new boots for fall. I found a pair I like, they are perfect for the florida fall, but I can't decided if I want a grey pair or grape??? Help! lol

Our new mini fridge.
I have yet to name our new mini fridge but as soon as I do, I'll let you know! I'm loving this new fridge, he's so cute and keeps all my yummys cold. I can even make coffee in my room now (cause I can keep the creamer in the fridge) with the help of Kirby my coffee maker.

Football season is almost here.
YAYAYAY! College and NFL football is almost apon us! I can't wait to sit down and enjoy some Sunday football with my family. My big bro LOVES coming over for moms chili and football on Sundays in the fall. 
Well, he likes coming over WHENEVER we have food in general ;)

New Field
SPEAKING of football. Our local private college is working on their new football team (which will start playing regularly in 2013). I'm so excited. I drive past the field/building ALL THE TIME. Its amazingg. The other night J and I drove past it as slow as we could just to get a glimpse of practice.
Mickey's Halloween.
J and I are going to be kids for a day and are going to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. 
And guess who we are going as??

This shirt.
The inner marvel nerd in me wants one.

fun facts

If you really knew me

10:30 AM

Saw this on Miss.Annies AND Ilene's page and just HAD to do it.

If you really knew me you'd know....

  • I have this horrible obsession with Mike and Ikes. At one point this summer I had 3 boxes in my car, in which Hiccup pointed out means "I have a problem"
  • When I'm just at home for the day, I don't dress up at all. I am in soffee shorts and old tee shirts all day.
  • I've become a football junkie. Like I've become one of those people that watch for the game, not the players :o! Now my poor friends have to sit and deal with my football banter sometimes..
  • I LOVE fashion, like looking through magazines and stuff but my wardrobe is so "girl next door". No lie.
  • I love drinking tea, not matter HOW hot it is outside. 
  • I'm very much an old soul deep down. I love simple things. You don't need to buy me Tiffany's to impress me.  Im happy with a box of mike and ikes and curling up on the couch and watching a movie. 
  • I am NOT a baker. Cooker all the way! 
  • My txt tone on my phone is the sound of a light-saber. I get compliments on it ALL the time. 
  • Photobucket


One project

3:00 PM

ONE project done!

So cute right!!
Click here to see where I got this idea.

If you're are wondering. Astrid is one of my nicknames.
I have this friend and his name (nickname that is) is Hiccup. And mine is Astrid.
Get it?
"How to train your dragon" anyone???


I found out

1:16 PM

I am actually a decent cook.

Now don't get me wrong, I never said I COULDN'T cook. I've just never cooked for anyone besides my family before and that was always every now and then.

But J and and I got to be roomies for a week and that gave me an oprotunity to cook for her. Twice.
I was surprised she trusted my cooking skillz.

First up was simple.

A typical gluten free foodies dinner, Chicken satue'd with onions and mixed veggies put over brown rice.

And the second was Chicken Fajitas over rice and corn chips.

This was by far both of our favorites. It was just overall delish, we ate the entire pan and had NO REGRETS.

Its a good feeling to know I can cook, to be honest. I've always known I have the skills cause momma brought me up cooking but I guess i've just been scared in a way that I'd screw something up on my own with out momma around.
BUT. Looks like momma taught me right and I CAN cook and I will say my future husband is going to have some amazing dinners coming his way ;)

Oh and J makes a MEAN GF Chicken Parm. Just saying ;)


Week Off

2:01 PM

I have this week off of work. And it feel glorious.
I got 12 hours of sleep last night which hasn't happened in forever!

With this week off though I'm going to attempt to do some "pinterest" things that I've been looking at for weeks now.

Such as....

Getting these awesome movie posters framed and hung ~

Designing some new mugs for my room like these.
Now I just got to find out what I want to write on them ;)

Paint my keys. you have NO idea how many keys I have on my key chain.

I also of course will be getting ready for school too, getting Hiccups care package together and sent out, and of course getting some PR work done. Fun stuff!!

*oh and for those that asked in my last post. Hiccup is a nickname for my friend. I try not to use their real names on my blog, just cause.


Weird Friends

12:00 AM

The other night I was on the phone with my bestest friend ever Hiccup. I was laying on my bed and I kept hearing this noise.

Oh its probably the cat sticking her hang under the door again

So I continued talking to Hiccup then the noise kept getting louder so I stood up and saw this.

I LOST IT!  I quickly took a picture while trying to control my laughter and sent it to Hiccup as quick as I could so he could laugh along with me and J, who's hands were still under the door at this point because we both were laughing so hard.

Yes. I have weird friends. But who doesn't???