Friday Favorites

7:00 PM

Ours by Taylor Swift.
Yea, I know this has been out for a while. But I ADOR this song more so now then ever. Mostly cause I can relate to it a lot more ;) BUT its just such a cute song. It just gets stuck in my head ALL DAY.

Theses shoes.
Blowfish shoes is having FREE SHIPPING till the 12th and I'm in DESPERATE need of new boots for fall. I found a pair I like, they are perfect for the florida fall, but I can't decided if I want a grey pair or grape??? Help! lol

Our new mini fridge.
I have yet to name our new mini fridge but as soon as I do, I'll let you know! I'm loving this new fridge, he's so cute and keeps all my yummys cold. I can even make coffee in my room now (cause I can keep the creamer in the fridge) with the help of Kirby my coffee maker.

Football season is almost here.
YAYAYAY! College and NFL football is almost apon us! I can't wait to sit down and enjoy some Sunday football with my family. My big bro LOVES coming over for moms chili and football on Sundays in the fall. 
Well, he likes coming over WHENEVER we have food in general ;)

New Field
SPEAKING of football. Our local private college is working on their new football team (which will start playing regularly in 2013). I'm so excited. I drive past the field/building ALL THE TIME. Its amazingg. The other night J and I drove past it as slow as we could just to get a glimpse of practice.
Mickey's Halloween.
J and I are going to be kids for a day and are going to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween. 
And guess who we are going as??

This shirt.
The inner marvel nerd in me wants one.


  1. love "Ours"! Such a good song :)
    and I want the NFL and Avengers tops ;)


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