Week Off

2:01 PM

I have this week off of work. And it feel glorious.
I got 12 hours of sleep last night which hasn't happened in forever!

With this week off though I'm going to attempt to do some "pinterest" things that I've been looking at for weeks now.

Such as....

Getting these awesome movie posters framed and hung ~

Designing some new mugs for my room like these.
Now I just got to find out what I want to write on them ;)

Paint my keys. you have NO idea how many keys I have on my key chain.

I also of course will be getting ready for school too, getting Hiccups care package together and sent out, and of course getting some PR work done. Fun stuff!!

*oh and for those that asked in my last post. Hiccup is a nickname for my friend. I try not to use their real names on my blog, just cause.


  1. Yay!! A whole week? You totally deserve this break!

  2. I LOVE these ideas, especially the mugs! So awesome!


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