I found out

1:16 PM

I am actually a decent cook.

Now don't get me wrong, I never said I COULDN'T cook. I've just never cooked for anyone besides my family before and that was always every now and then.

But J and and I got to be roomies for a week and that gave me an oprotunity to cook for her. Twice.
I was surprised she trusted my cooking skillz.

First up was simple.

A typical gluten free foodies dinner, Chicken satue'd with onions and mixed veggies put over brown rice.

And the second was Chicken Fajitas over rice and corn chips.

This was by far both of our favorites. It was just overall delish, we ate the entire pan and had NO REGRETS.

Its a good feeling to know I can cook, to be honest. I've always known I have the skills cause momma brought me up cooking but I guess i've just been scared in a way that I'd screw something up on my own with out momma around.
BUT. Looks like momma taught me right and I CAN cook and I will say my future husband is going to have some amazing dinners coming his way ;)

Oh and J makes a MEAN GF Chicken Parm. Just saying ;)


  1. Good for you for cooking on your own. I eat gluten free too and I've learned you either learn to cook or eat less healthy things.


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