Its one of those

5:01 PM

Its one of those series of days. When you have good moments and bad moment

for instance.

Good moments.
My best friend came down to visit last minuet.
I laughed a lot the days I spent with my best friend and friends.
I had ice cream.
Watched cheesy batman movies.

Started school.

Bad moments 
Was sick one afternoon.
Felt stressed 45% of the weekend.
Started school.
My best friend left. 

Plus I've been crying at the drop of the hat lately so the bad moments seem 10x worse.
Its just one of those series of days.
Its hard but I can do it. 
Phil 4:13
Coffee helps too.

With that said, I don't mean to be a debbie downer but I need a good week to get used to my new school schedule and back into the swing of things. SO my wonderful blog friends i have to put off blogging for now.
OHHHH but don't get upset. I'll be back soon! I promise!!


  1. Im right there with you!! There has been some really good moments and some really bad ones the past week or so. Today was filled with more bad than good :(

    Praying for you friend! <3


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