9:03 PM

So, darling readers, I was laying in bed this morning. Just looking of my twitter feed on my ipod. Which I do every morning after I wake up.
Sad I know.

 But It always takes me at least 10 minuets before I'm fully awake anyway, so why now just the tweets?

I started laughing cause many of the tweets looked like this

"first day of school!" 
(insert guy voice here) "First day of classes, forgot breakfast #collegestudentfail" 
"FDOS. I got this!"
"First day of school #nervous"

I was laughing cause here I lay in my bed. With no classes.
Why you ask??

Because my school likes to be different and we don't start classes for another week :D Wohoo.
Which is nice, cept for the fact I have this week to get ready, find another job (hopefully), and prepare myself mentally for school.
SO its fun. To a point.

Good luck to all my wonderful readers and may you have a great school year!!! 
God Bless!


  1. hope you have an awesome year and you dont forget your breakfast haha! :) such a cute picture of you and your pup!


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