February 2012 - Simply Samantha
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Just cause

12:00 AM

I loved seeing Kaleena's "Just Cause" post this week :) this girl can make me laugh and I adore her blog :) Hope she doesn't mind me doing this type of random blog post too ;)

1. I take showers at night no matter how late cause I like to go to bed feeling clean.

2. I consider myself a bookie now, over the past year I've come to this habit of always having to have a book to read, I even carry a book around with me in case there is a downtime that I can get to read.

3. I like seeing the shock on people (especially guys) faces when I tell them I'm gonna be a Sports PR.

4. I always put at least one smiley face in a text message.

5. I have this little infatuation with Tim Burton and his movies. Its really weird, but I find his movies interesting and unique. I mean, you can't get any better then Beatlejuice :)

6. I've become so absent minded these days forgetting/losing track of just about everything. My friend said, and I quote, "You'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on"

7. I sleep in a curled up fetal position like 75% of the time

Hmm, thats all the random facts I can thinking about at the moment, maybe next time I'm bored I'll write up some more for you :)


I'll admit

12:00 AM

So I'll admit. I didn't really cry when I watched the first HG trailer, nor did I cry at the second or even the TV spot for the Superbowl.

But that has all changed now.
The newest T.V spot , and I'm being 100% honest, made me cry.

YES I know i'm a sad little fan girl that cries when trailers for my favorite book series comes out. Sue me!

But I mean, the scene where Peetas throwing away the bread. MY heart stopped. Completely. Cause that is how i imagined it in the books.

I don't even want to know what I'm going to be like when I'm sitting in the movie theater actually watching the movie. I'm probably going to be dead by the times its over.

OK. Fan girl moment over. Moving on.

daily outfit

Soon it will be

12:00 AM

Photobucket Photobucket
Top: Papaya - Jeans: Rue 21 - Belt:Target - Boots(even though you cant really see them):Thrifted 
Jewelry/Bracelets: HandM 

Soon it will be spring break! 2 weeks baby! I can't wait! The beach, free time, and relaxing. 
And hopefully I can get a tan cause this Florida girl is WAY to pale :P
I'm already shopping for the perfect swimsuit (hopefully Target will be wear I hit the jackpot ;)) and nice summer clothes for my spring break :) Shopping trip this upcoming weekend is so going to happen :)

Whens your spring break?? Got any fun plans?

daily outfit

One Month

12:00 AM

*warning: this post is probably going to bore a majority of you unless you have read the Hunger Games or are a part of the fandom...

So, in exactly one month I'm going to be SUPER excited for the day. I'm gonna wake up with a smile on my face and I'm going to power through school with the thought of going to see the Hunger Games at midnight with some friends. Oh and I'm gonna be proudly wearing this shirt all day!

Shirt: Hot Topic - Plaid shirt: JCpenny - Ring:HandM 
 Are you excited too???

daily outfit

Valentines day

12:00 AM

I know I'm SO late on the Valentines post! Forgive me!

Mine was pretty low key. School. Work. Church
(which included fun cookie decorating time with the kiddos).


Just a normal day with fun little yummy's mixed it :)

(these photos may or may not rotate) 
Top - Rue 21 : Jeans - SO from Kohls : Flats- Cotton On : Sweater - Simply Vera Wang. 

  Needless to say it was a quiet Valentines day. But I enjoyed it nevertheless :)


friday favorites

Friday Favorite

12:00 AM

Just one Friday favorite today :)
I wanted to share a photo on of my besties took of me over the weekend :)


Thats me, curled up in my favorite chair at my friends house. I can't even remember what I was laughing at. It was probably something one of my guy friends was doing. Needless to say I love this photo and my friend Sommers got so mad photography skillz :)



12:18 AM

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'm right here! I'm sweet, kind and outgoing! :)

just me

Take a moment

12:58 AM

Lets take a moment and reflect on how epic this photo below is.

Now many of you are just gonna see a picture of Tim Tebow, LL Cool J, and Zac Efron.

I'm see my 2 loves, Tebow and Efron, in the SAME PHOTO at the SAME EVENT.

Why was I not at this party??? Witnessing this epicness.

I mean. Its TEBOW..... and EFRON.... in the same photo!

(In my opinion) The two most beautiful men God ever created (not including Gosling), in the same photo, together. 


Ok. I'm done. I've had my girly moment. Time to move on.


Friday Favorites

12:56 AM

It seems like FOREVER since I've done a Friday Favorites. Well, its about time I do another one wouldn't you agree??? :)

(1) NYC Nail Polish - The cheapest, bestest(is that even a word), greatest nail polish I've ever bought. Love these. I actually own the color below and love it :)

Source: google.com via Andrea on Pinterest

(2) My HG shirt - I found this in the back of my closet the other day :) I'm so happy I found it. I missed it :)


(3) The ability to dance - And when I make this statement, I mean the ability to dance like Lauren below, Cause having that kind of ability to dance will not only keep you in shape but also is like having a super power to me :) just saying.

(4) Sharing the love - Got my best friend a Mend Mark bracelet for his birthday. He's been telling everyone that asks about it what it stands for and means. Needless to say I give the best gifts ever:)
BTW if you've never hear of Mend Mark. Check them out! They are one great organization :D


Wordless Wednesday

12:00 AM


Someone was not happy about being moved to the futon the other morning


Also I wanna wish my best friend a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I think Pooh described our friendship the best when he said..

"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"

Happy Birthday J :) See you later in government class ;) 


fun stuff


12:00 PM

I found this Cassidy's lovely youtube why traveling the wonder that is tumblr (hey that rhymed!)
I swear, if i ever met this girl. We would be BFF's. I mean, she's funny, loves the Hunger Games, and Alex Pettyfer. That's a BFF in the making right there!
The video below is one of my favorites but she also has one that I recommend watching where she watched the newest HG trailer and speaks the truth about it!

Her youtube page is here and her tumblr is pretty awesome too!


Never thought I'd like..

8:01 PM

Meatless products.

I was raised eating fresh beef, either from our backyard or the local meat market.
However, when we moved to Florida, I was reduced to shopping at Walmart and having only 1 "local"
 (when i say local i mean they get good beef.. from ohio) meat market.
So, a couple of months ago mom starting getting and using "meatless' ground beef. And to be frankly honest. I couldn't tell the difference.
And for someone who is 1."kind of" buying her own food 2.Having troubling eating as it is.
finding something that is cheep and good for you is amazing.

Now, please don't think I'm all vegetarian and vegan and I'm gonna kill you if you believe in killing cows and chickens.I am ALL FOR MEAT! As long as I know where its coming from. I didn't think I'd miss something as stupid as a local meat market where you can see the cows they are gonna butcher behind it, but I do. And until I find such a place here in FL, I'm gonna stick with the awesomeness that is Morning Star Farms and their meatless yummyness :)
(oh! they also have the best veggie burgers ever! )


I know this post is kind of random and different but I want to start documenting healthy food finds and sharing them with you all :) I know some of my readers are either GF (gluten free) or eat as healthily as I do and I wanna be able to share my healthy food finds with you guys! Kind of something new for the "Simply Samantha" blog.. Let me know if you like it :D