Friday Favorites

12:56 AM

It seems like FOREVER since I've done a Friday Favorites. Well, its about time I do another one wouldn't you agree??? :)

(1) NYC Nail Polish - The cheapest, bestest(is that even a word), greatest nail polish I've ever bought. Love these. I actually own the color below and love it :)

Source: via Andrea on Pinterest

(2) My HG shirt - I found this in the back of my closet the other day :) I'm so happy I found it. I missed it :)


(3) The ability to dance - And when I make this statement, I mean the ability to dance like Lauren below, Cause having that kind of ability to dance will not only keep you in shape but also is like having a super power to me :) just saying.

(4) Sharing the love - Got my best friend a Mend Mark bracelet for his birthday. He's been telling everyone that asks about it what it stands for and means. Needless to say I give the best gifts ever:)
BTW if you've never hear of Mend Mark. Check them out! They are one great organization :D



  1. That nail polish color is adorable! I wish I had the talent to dance. I can't dance not even if I wanted to. =(

  2. finding lost shirts ftw! the bracelets are really neat!

  3. I love my Mend Mark bracelet, thanks Samantha :)


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