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One Month

12:00 AM

*warning: this post is probably going to bore a majority of you unless you have read the Hunger Games or are a part of the fandom...

So, in exactly one month I'm going to be SUPER excited for the day. I'm gonna wake up with a smile on my face and I'm going to power through school with the thought of going to see the Hunger Games at midnight with some friends. Oh and I'm gonna be proudly wearing this shirt all day!

Shirt: Hot Topic - Plaid shirt: JCpenny - Ring:HandM 
 Are you excited too???

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  1. only one more month! i am so glad you are keeping count so i don't have to. I have already bought my tickets!! gah i am so excited! ps. you look so cute!

  2. ::high pitched fangirl squee::
    i am celebrating tomorrow by (hopefully) posting about the series on my blog. it will be long and lots of JHutch swooning will take place.


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