Just cause

12:00 AM

I loved seeing Kaleena's "Just Cause" post this week :) this girl can make me laugh and I adore her blog :) Hope she doesn't mind me doing this type of random blog post too ;)

1. I take showers at night no matter how late cause I like to go to bed feeling clean.

2. I consider myself a bookie now, over the past year I've come to this habit of always having to have a book to read, I even carry a book around with me in case there is a downtime that I can get to read.

3. I like seeing the shock on people (especially guys) faces when I tell them I'm gonna be a Sports PR.

4. I always put at least one smiley face in a text message.

5. I have this little infatuation with Tim Burton and his movies. Its really weird, but I find his movies interesting and unique. I mean, you can't get any better then Beatlejuice :)

6. I've become so absent minded these days forgetting/losing track of just about everything. My friend said, and I quote, "You'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on"

7. I sleep in a curled up fetal position like 75% of the time

Hmm, thats all the random facts I can thinking about at the moment, maybe next time I'm bored I'll write up some more for you :)


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