Never thought I'd like..

8:01 PM

Meatless products.

I was raised eating fresh beef, either from our backyard or the local meat market.
However, when we moved to Florida, I was reduced to shopping at Walmart and having only 1 "local"
 (when i say local i mean they get good beef.. from ohio) meat market.
So, a couple of months ago mom starting getting and using "meatless' ground beef. And to be frankly honest. I couldn't tell the difference.
And for someone who is 1."kind of" buying her own food 2.Having troubling eating as it is.
finding something that is cheep and good for you is amazing.

Now, please don't think I'm all vegetarian and vegan and I'm gonna kill you if you believe in killing cows and chickens.I am ALL FOR MEAT! As long as I know where its coming from. I didn't think I'd miss something as stupid as a local meat market where you can see the cows they are gonna butcher behind it, but I do. And until I find such a place here in FL, I'm gonna stick with the awesomeness that is Morning Star Farms and their meatless yummyness :)
(oh! they also have the best veggie burgers ever! )


I know this post is kind of random and different but I want to start documenting healthy food finds and sharing them with you all :) I know some of my readers are either GF (gluten free) or eat as healthily as I do and I wanna be able to share my healthy food finds with you guys! Kind of something new for the "Simply Samantha" blog.. Let me know if you like it :D


  1. I'm a vegetarian and I've never found a good substitute ground beef...but I've never tried this kind! Going to Publix this evening...(I live in Florida too!)


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