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12:00 AM

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Top: Papaya - Jeans: Rue 21 - Belt:Target - Boots(even though you cant really see them):Thrifted 
Jewelry/Bracelets: HandM 

Soon it will be spring break! 2 weeks baby! I can't wait! The beach, free time, and relaxing. 
And hopefully I can get a tan cause this Florida girl is WAY to pale :P
I'm already shopping for the perfect swimsuit (hopefully Target will be wear I hit the jackpot ;)) and nice summer clothes for my spring break :) Shopping trip this upcoming weekend is so going to happen :)

Whens your spring break?? Got any fun plans?


  1. i don't really have spring break anymore (haha) but during that time that most ppl will be having spring break, i'll get to see one of my bfs who'll be on spring break. then i'll be headed to AZ at Creative Estates!

    p.s. love this outfit! plaid and jeans are my fave!

  2. oh lucky girl! wish i could have a spring break and go somewhere tropical!


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