May 2011 - Simply Samantha

Weekend wrap-up

12:00 AM

  • My new album for my new record player (thanks mommy). I picked up the "Revolver" album for 69cents at Goodwill. Turns out with worth about $50. Sweet.
  • Graduation recognition.
  • Strumming the guitar to much.


12:00 AM

Even though I graduated this year. I didn't get to participate in a actual graduation "ceremony"
Mostly cause our homeschool group didn't have one and the one I could participate in is $$ and hundreds of kids participate in it and I really didn't feel like going through that..

I did get to get recognized at church this weekend which made up for it, seeing that most of the people I would want to see my graduate were there already :)

Standing up on stage with my friend C, I had just told him that they better hurry up because the plant behind me was poking me in the legs... and yes.. my friend C does not have shoes on.. its not the first time he forgot to put his shoes back on in church ;)

Graduation recognition is over.. Picture time :)

My dress is by Miss.Lauren Conrad (@ Kohls), a gift from my parents, isn't it ADORABLE!


  • Dress - Lauren Conrad - Kohls
  • Shoes - H&M
  • Earrings - Forever 21
  • Necklace - Won via a giveaway

Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

(1) My Dress for my party.
Isn't it adorb! Can't wait to accessorize! If your an Etsy owner and think you have an item that would look good with my dress and rockabilly look for my party, let me know via email or in the comments below :)
I'd be more than willing to advertize and review the product as it gets close to my party :)

(2) Duckie. He is the whole reason I watch "Pretty in Pink"

(3)Pinterst - I think is much cooler and works 10x better than tumblr ;) You can check out my Pinterest here.

just me

Update Vlog

3:51 PM

Just a little update vlog for you guys with a funny with addition at the end with Jaxson.
Enjoy :D
Also enjoy me with NO make-up on and my wet hair up in a pony tail.

(please let me know if you have trouble viewing the video :) )


Weekend Rap up

12:24 PM

  • Celebrated dads b-day. And I also bought a pretty neat shirt :)

  • Went to a friends grad party at the beach. Had a blast. Even when, in attempt to get me to go farther in the ocean, my friend picked me up in his arms and them dropped me suddenly. It was partly my fault because i had just put on sunscreen so i was slippery ;)

  • Got an amazing dress for my graduation recognition at church :) (thanks mommy ;))

  • Saw ANOTHER great movie. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides-If you haven't seen it you should! Its amazing :D
    POTC: On Stranger Tides Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday Favorites

12:00 AM

Time for another Friday Favorites

  • My Irish heritage. Because with out us Irish. You wouldn't have beautiful people such as this man...
gerard-butler Pictures, Images and Photos
Your Welcome...

  • Coming up with my rockabilly look for my grad/bday party.
I love this look!
  • My Coral top - I just adore this color. Its hard for me to wear pink sometimes. But I found this shirt and it looks amazing :) Doesn't pale me out at all. Which is SO nice ;)


Weekend Photos

2:13 PM

Well. This post should be entitled "WeekDAY photos"cause all the photos are from the family outing to Epcot yesterday :)

So. Without further ado........ my weekDAY in photos :)

*excuse the bad clarity of the photos, they are all from my cell phone*

  • Curly hair and a coral top for the day :) Check :)
  • Purple Converse (or my Barney shoes) - Check :D
  • A book for the car ride - also Check :)
  • Yummo fried amazingness. Fish and Chips from London at Epcot. I ALWAYS get them.
  • Isn't this ADORABLE! it is a mini replica of Rapunzel tower from Tangled!

friday favorites

Friday Favorites - again

2:06 PM

Because blogger decided to be a pain in my behind an delete my Friday favorite post ;p.
Oh goodness Blogger, why do you put use bloggers through so much pain...

Anywho.. On to my friday favorites ;)

(1) The fact that the new Pirates of the Caribbean comes out next week!
Yay! I can't wait to see it!
potc gif Pictures, Images and Photos

(2)Catch Me if you can is becoming one of my favorite movies :)
I mean, how can you go wrong with a movie that stars Dicaprio and Hank??? :D
catch Pictures, Images and Photos

(3) Josh Turner - His voice. OMGOODNESS. it just makes me swoon :)
Don't believe me?? Take a listen :)

Yup, I am

12:00 AM

Yup. Its true.

I am a geek.

Not all the time. But I have geek moments very often.

I know I'm a geek, when I LOL at picture like this ....

I know I'm a geek when I look at the photo below and say
"I'm SO going have my kids dress up like this for Halloween!"


I know I'm a geek when my BFF and I go out to see a movie for G.N.O.
And the movie we go see is Thor.
(which was AMAZING by the way)

I know I'm a geek when my friend and I talk about "The Avengers" and "Justice League" more than boys.
the avengers Pictures, Images and Photos

But I'm proud.
Proud to be a geek :)

Looking Looking Looking

12:00 AM

For a job....

AHHH, the joys of growing up....

This is kind of how i feel right now..

minus the nice laptop and piles of books ;)

My nanny job is only through the school year so I am now on the hunt for a seasonal summer job

Today I filled out applications like a beast hopeing someone would look at my nice resume and say. "She would be perfect" :)

but I'll I can do is pray. That's what I did while driving around town.
Cause praying is the one job i know how to do perfectly..

But sometimes i just wanna be like "bogger" here..
He seems to have a nice job. Keeping my bed warm.

just me

Obsession Confession - Part dos

12:00 AM

You all seem to LOVE my potato obsessions confession last time.. so how about another one...

Yes.. I have another obsession confession.......


So if you haven't notice already. I'm a girl.
So OF COURSE I have a thing for purses and bags.
Especially if they are cheep and cute :) I mean.. what girl would pass up a $6 hobo!

My newest victim is the one on the far left. It just SCREAMED summer :)

Happy Mothers Day

10:01 AM

Happy Mothers day Mom!

(yes i know you are reading this because your my "spell checker' )

I could get all mushy and gushy and tell you how much I LOOOOOVEE YOUUUUU and how much you mean to me...

but as you know... I am your child... so..
I got to be at least a LITTLE sarcastic for the time being..

SO without further ado -

Things I love/like about YOU!

  • That you reminds me constantly to put my dishes in the dish washer because with out your constant reminder we would be piled high in dishes
  • That you've started saying things like "what are you going to do when you go to college" and "Oh your husband ("cough cough" tebow "cough") is gonna love that you tend to lose things so easily"
  • That you fill this description -
(especially the last one :) )

  • That as you get old... I get to laugh at you more and more
  • When I get up from the table and walk into another room, you yell "Well, we all can tell where Samantha was eating at the table", because as you know I have a hole in my mouth and sometimes food falls out.
  • For the past few days every time the dog itches you look at me an go "have you seen any fleas on him?" and I reply "Um, no, sorry mom but I don't spend my free time searching the dogs for fleas"
  • I'm thankful you put up with my sarcasm.
  • And dad's sense of humor that he has bestowed upon me

Now, I know you are going to read this, come into to whatever room I am in and thank me :) and tell me you love me.
You'll point out the numerous words I misspelled....

By the way.. "who" was my teacher again???



Friday Favorite's

12:00 AM

(1) - A pair of shorts that I just purchased online from Kohls. I'm happy because the leg inseam is more than 3in! Its a whopping 7in!
Yay for modest shorts!

(2) My Beach Bag - Every Floridian needs one -


(3) Cute! That is all I can say about this video :)


Wordless Wednesday

12:00 AM

Gotta love them boys.

However I felt like I was contradicting them by listening to country music in the car.



Someones Been Bad

11:16 AM

Ok, not really but between his fleas and his itch to kill and find every fly in the house, he needed to take a chill pill. And its working :)


To be perfectly honest I think he enjoy being in there
Its probably reminds him of his puppy days ;)



Miscellny Monday

12:07 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
(1) Unmotivated. I was SO unmotivated at the gym today.. Mostly cause i had a lot on my mind.

(2) The main thing I DID have on my mind was a summer job... It's pretty hard to find a job here in Florida.. you have to be a nag to whoever your applying to.. which I don't like to be.

(3)Mothers day! Can't wait to take momma out for mothers day
(mostly cause a trip to Ikea will hopefully be involved)
Oh and I believe the discount to my friends shops still are good so be sure to check them out here :)

(4) The Wedding! - No I wasn't crazy, I didn't get up at 4am to watch the ENTIRE wedding (not that those of you that did are crazy ;) ). I actually got up at 8 and was able to watch them come out onto the balcony :D Mom and I "awed" at the two of them countless time :)


Happy Monday Everybody :)

May Playlist

12:00 AM

The music playlist is now up!

Sorry its kind of small this month :) But i'll be sure to let you know if I add any more songs!

As always, you can buy this playlist or songs from it here