Miscellny Monday

12:07 PM

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
(1) Unmotivated. I was SO unmotivated at the gym today.. Mostly cause i had a lot on my mind.

(2) The main thing I DID have on my mind was a summer job... It's pretty hard to find a job here in Florida.. you have to be a nag to whoever your applying to.. which I don't like to be.

(3)Mothers day! Can't wait to take momma out for mothers day
(mostly cause a trip to Ikea will hopefully be involved)
Oh and I believe the discount to my friends shops still are good so be sure to check them out here :)

(4) The Wedding! - No I wasn't crazy, I didn't get up at 4am to watch the ENTIRE wedding (not that those of you that did are crazy ;) ). I actually got up at 8 and was able to watch them come out onto the balcony :D Mom and I "awed" at the two of them countless time :)


Happy Monday Everybody :)


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