Weekend wrap-up - Simply Samantha

Weekend wrap-up

12:00 AM

  • My new album for my new record player (thanks mommy). I picked up the "Revolver" album for 69cents at Goodwill. Turns out with worth about $50. Sweet.
  • Graduation recognition.
  • Strumming the guitar to much.

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  1. I desperately want a record player. Like I cannot describe to you how much :P

  2. I love record players and vinyl. We have a few Beatles albums, too. Elliott Smith, Green Day, and few other bands like that also sound INCREDIBLE on a record player since they're so lo-fi.

    My fingers are definitely growing sore callouses right now. Been playing the piano a lot. So, I understand!

  3. You got your own record player? Now I'm super jealous...


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